Facts about American Football

Why did American football develop in Germany and suffered defeat in Spain? (Part 1)

American football can be considered a typical sport for American culture. It is really a monumental song ending with attractive performances and fiery cheers. This sport represents national pride. The crowd sang the National Anthem, waving the flag and the uniformed players ran back and forth in the yard as the fighting troops were in a fierce struggle of the battle. The teams’ matches divided the match into small pieces before each successive turn.

In the United States, the National Football League (NFL) oversees this sport and, like any other successful business, is keen to strike new markets. The NFL first entered Europe in 1991 with American football development plans there. After years of failure, the NFL in Europe launched with six teams including five teams based in Germany. Teams previously established in Spain failed.

Why did American football develop in Germany and suffered defeat in Spain?

A unique symbol of Spanish culture is bullfighting, a long-standing pastime here. In the traditionally rich Spanish country, bullfights are often held in Roman style competitions up to 2,000 years old. Not only is a competitive sport, but bullfighting is also both ceremonial and artistic. It is the place to show the style and courage of the bullfighter, the hero fighting the cows. If the boxer performs well, he will receive applause applauded by crowds cheering by waving a white scarf or throwing hats or roses into the center circle.

Bullfighting symbolizes Spanish culture by combining the celebration of passionate life with a sophisticated ritual system, a synthesis of blood, violence and great danger. and full of art. In the hearts of the Spanish people, American football cannot achieve such peaks.

The main reason for the failure of the National Football League in Europe is that the sport cannot attract Europeans shaped by ancient cultures and attached to football. Football was in the blood of Europeans. This is the place for the internal competition in the continent, instead of armed conflicts.