Super Bowl

Who will be the Super Bowl 2020 headliner

Recently, the US-UK music lover community is buzzing about the news that Shakira will be the singer who takes on the ‘host’ role of the Super Bowl 2020. Besides, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez are also two characters who are known for their important positions at this prestigious event. Whether in these 3 heavy faces, who will be the best fit for the important position at the Super Bowl 2020?

With a collection of hit songs of a stirring collectiveness such as: Waka Waka, Hips Don’t Lie, La La La … Shakira has more than enough to blow up the stadium with this huge capacity. Not to mention, with the wild and liberal Latin music, Shakira will make many people go crazy because of his hot dance.

Shakira is known as the golden girl in the ‘cheering’ village when every World Cup season, the singer releases a song with the ability to spread sports love to everyone. With Super Bowl 2020, Shakira is a worthy name and promises to bring the top stage in the spirit of this prestigious event.

Absent for a few years in the music industry, imagine if Rihanna suddenly appeared on the Super Bowl 2020 stage and brought a whole new series of songs. With a huge hit store including hit EDM songs such as This Is What You Came For, Only Girl, We Found Love, … The Barbados singer will definitely make all audiences crazy because of the performances.

Recently, rumors of Rihanna preparing to re-release the music industry with a brand new album are causing many people to stand still. Maybe she had the honor to be booked for a monumental comeback on stage Super Bowl 2020?

The third name on this list is undoubtedly the ‘disco queen’ Jennifer Lopez. With her inherent beauty, talent and popularity, the ‘big sister’ of the world music industry is also a quite perfect option for leading the stage of the Super Bowl 2020. She owns famous hits like On The Floor, Papi, Ain’t Your Mama, … Certainly hundreds of thousands of viewers will burst out of joy when watching Jennifer Lopez explode on stage.

Besides, with the usual luxurious style, maybe Jennifer Lopez will bring to the Super Bowl 2020 stage a splendid and artistic concept. With the experience of performing in the ‘senior’ Jennifer Lopez completely left to take on the key role at the most prestigious event.

The most worthy names have gradually emerged, in your opinion, who will be the most suitable person to take on the role of the 2020 Super Bowl?