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What is NFC’s best team? San Francisco makes a high scoring case

His arm strength diminished, Brees did not burn the defense with deep passes as much as kicks in bed with shorter people. According to NFL statistics, Next Gen, the average pitch of he only walked 6.3 yards, just following his backup, Teddy Bridgewater.

Once a catalyst for air dominance, Brees, who turns 41 next month, has facilitated a more effective offense than explosives, imposing its accuracy. As always, he leads NFL in terms of percentage completion and age have reduced defensive control and shaped his pitches, such as his first touch, onto the seam, against the area, for Jared Cook.

Three seconds in the second quarter, Brees tied a peak season with three goals scored. Four series into the game, Brees threw more yards (172) than the San Francisco allowed defensive average (134.3).

In order to have a chance to defeat the Saints, especially in the middle of Superdome’s unforgivable dinner, Shanahan trained the game with the relentlessness of a jackhammer. In the first play after falling behind after 20-7, Garoppolo threw deep, throwing a 75-yard ball at Emmanuel Sanders.

Instead of flying back after losing in Baltimore, 49ers spent the previous week practicing in Bradenton, Fla., At IMG Academy, where they installed a play that imitated their approach: opposite of Sanders. He did it to complete the whole week, until the last rep, and when Sanders was ready to throw on Sunday, he said.

Sanders passed a 35-yard pass to Raheem Mostert, who in the next drive gave San Francisco an advantage during the 28-27 halftime with a 10-yard touch after receiving a throw – from Kyle Juszchot.

In general, we know that we must take risks.

In NFC, first, that’s how the elite differentiate themselves, from being aggressive. The 49ers arrived at a fortress, losing several players due to injuries – among them the Weston Richburg Center (knee), which was released in the third quarter; finish defending Dee Ford (hamstring); and Sherman – and won the kind of intimate game it didn’t have last week, in Baltimore.