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The NFL maintained Myles Garrett’s indefinite suspension during the attack

Myles Garrett, who is said to be the defense leader of the Cleveland Browns, alleges that Pittsburgh Steelers midfielder Mason Rudolph used a racial curse during his confrontation last week.

The national football federation on Thursday sustained the indefinite suspension of defensive team leader Brown Brown Myles Garrett over a violent fighting on the pitch with midfielder Mason Rudolph of Pittsburgh Steelers last week.

Garrett accused Rudolph of provoking the conflict using a racial slurs during a battle on the battlefield on November 14, which Agent Rudolph said was a lie.

According to ESPN, Garrett told NFL officials during his appeal hearing that Rudolph used laughter in an intensified short exchange when Garrett used a helmet to attack Rudolph.

The NFL war could result in huge fines for Cleveland Browns and Myles Garrett

After the incident, three players were suspended without paying. Browns defensive leader Larry Ogunjobi had to sit out of a match and Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey was suspended for three matches and fined $ 35,096, was reduced fifth to a two-match suspension after appeal . Garrett received a Japanese commissioner for punishment

Garrett’s suspension, requires him to meet NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell before he can be recovered to play, NFL spokesman Michael Signora said on Twitter.

Rudolph’s lawyer, Timothy M. Younger of Younger & Associates, called the allegations false in a statement published on his Twitter account on Thursday.

In the statement, Younger said that Garrett, wrongly asserted that Mason Rudolph had uttered a racial slurs towards him, before swinging a helmet to Mason’s head, in an attempt. desperate to ease his suspension. confirmed after the match, before the hearing or in the apology made by Browns.

The malicious use of this wild and baseless allegation is an attack on Mason’s integrity, far worse than the physical attack witnessed on Thursday. This is reckless and shameful. We will not comment further, he said.

Steelers spokesman Burt Lauten also defended Rudolph, saying that he vehemently denied using a racial antics in the game and won on the issue.

According to Sports Illustrated, Garrett also argued against his suspension period by referring to a similar incident in 2013 when Houston Texans defense leader Antonio Smith removed the Miami Dolphins Richie Incognito helmet, branding helmet in Incognito. Smith was suspended in four games.

Garrett’ appeal, was heard by former NFL broad recipient James Thrash, an appeal officer coordinated by the NFL and NFL Players Association to help monitor players’ disciplinary issues on the field.