American Football Players

The great life of an American football star

The second midfielder in the history of American football, Tom Brady, still retains good health at the age of 40 with a huge income and a dream life.

Brady earned $ 28.8 million and was the fifth highest paid player in the NFL last season. He recently signed a $ 41 million two-year extension with the Patriots. Brady is also the third highest paid player in NFL history. He has earned 197.2 million dollars in his career.

Each year, the midfielder also makes about $ 8 million in contracts with companies like Under Armor, Intel, Shields and Aston Martin. Aston Martin even produced a special sports car version of Vanquish S Volante called Tom Brady, which costs $ 360,000 for just 12 units.

But Brady‘s huge income is nothing compared to his wife, supermodel Gisele Bündchen. Gisele earned $ 30.5 million last year and became the highest paid supermodel in the world in a decade. She is said to have made $ 1 billion in her career.

The couple seems to have a great passion for investing in changing houses. They once owned a $ 20 million mansion in Los Angeles and sold it to Dr. Dre for $ 40 million in 2014. They then bought an apartment on a glass skyscraper in New York for a price. $ 11.7 million and reselling at $ 17.25 million in 2016. They continue to invest $ 20 million to buy an apartment in Tribeca.

He also often appears in social events such as Kentucky Derby, VIP box in Carniva Brazil, Met Gala or World Cup.

Currently, it seems that most of his expenses outside of his home are health related. Brady and Gisele have their own chefs and follow a strict diet without sugar, without tomatoes, and buttercream. They even made them eat a diet of around 80% vegetables.

He sold a diet book titled “The Nutrition Guide TB12” for $ 200 and almost sold out when it was published. He then continued to publish his book “The TB12 Method: How to Keep the Top Performance” for about $ 20. This is considered a “bible of athletes”.

Applying the abstinence regime, however, he sometimes posts on Instagram images showing himself drinking alcohol with some TB12 electrolytes.