Facts about American Football

The difference between American football and rugby (Part 1)

American football and rugby are similar games as they have the same origin, but there is a total difference between the two that cannot be ignored. At a glance, you might even think that both Rugby and American football are the same game. However, that is not so.

So, to understand the difference between Rugby and American football, we should first have a general idea of ​​the two games and then compare the two to see the difference. Therefore, this article introduces you to the definitions of each game and the differences between rugby and American football.

What is rugby?

Rugby, widely played around the world in Europe, Australia, Africa, and even Asia is a very physical game. It can be known as a game that requires skills in football, basketball, and American football. Rugby players have to run around the school until they can score goals for another team. They must pass the ball effectively.

In addition, they must participate in the resolution sometimes like in American football to win the ball from the opponent. To score in rugby matches, the player must take the ball and place the ball on the opposing team’s pass. Or else, the player can kick the ball between the target post.

What is American football?

American football is a major and very popular game in the US. It is only played in the USA. This is also a highly competitive game that requires a lot of physical strength. In order to score a goal in a football match in the US, the player must take the ball out of the opponent’s contact line. This is called touchdown. A player can also kick it between goal posts.

Above are basic definitions of rugby and American football, in which we can see they are not the same sport as many people misunderstand.