Facts about American Football

The difference between American football and rugby (Part 2)

Now that we have a general idea of ​​the two games, let’s see these differences.

American football is called primarily played in the USA, while rugby is a sport played throughout Europe, Australia, Africa and even in Asia.

Although the player wears a lot of heavy protective equipment in American football, it is modest when cushioning the ball on the head and shoulders.

In American football, unlimited substitution is allowed, while in rugby, only seven substitutions are allowed.

A team consists of 11 players in American football, while 15 players join a rugby team.

There is a referee and 3 to 6 other judges in American football while in rugby, there are 3 referees and video referees.

Although the goal of both games is to go over the opponent’s ball, it is called a clash in American football but is called a try in rugby.

The size of an American football field is 109.7 x 48.8 meters while rugby is 100 x 70 meters.

There are four 15 minute gameplays with an interval after two quarters in American football while there are two half 40 minutes in rugby.

The top league in American football is called the National Football League (NFL), and in rugby, there are two major championships called the Rugby League and the Rugby Union.

The size of the ball, which is in a spherical shape, also varies in the two sports. American football has a length of about 28 cm and a diameter of about 56 cm in the center. Rugby balls are about 27 cm long and 60 cm in circumference at the widest point.

In American football, players have to wear special clothes and helmet. Meanwhile, it is not necessary to wear helmets when playing rugby.

Above are some basic difference between American football and rugby. Hopefully, you now can distinguish these two sports.