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How do American football players drink water when playing?

Athletes who drink 500 ml of water when the ball is rolling in the game should drink 150 to 200 ml every 15 minutes, divided into small sips.

Experts say that rehydration is very important for sports players, especially long sports, requiring endurance like football or UFC. The high intensity of the body will generate a large amount of heat, the body sweat to cool itself to stabilize the body temperature. If a player loses 1-2% of his weight due to dehydration, his performance will decrease.

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Research shows that during playing or training, players are easily dehydrated through sweat, resulting in 1-2% of body weight. For example, an athlete weighing 60 kg could lose 2% of his weight or about 1.2 kg.

The more a footballer or UFC moves, the more he sweats, the more dehydration he needs. Therefore, care must be taken to prevent dehydration in an athlete by drinking enough water before, during, and after exercise or competition. An athlete should not be dehydrated because it will take several hours to regain the balance of water in the body.

In sweat, in addition to water, there are electrolytes such as sodium, chlorine, calcium, potassium, magnesium … If you don’t compensate enough, water and electrolytes will lead to cramps, also known as cramps, fatigue, heart palpitations, fainting, even life-threatening cardiovascular collapse.

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Doctors recommend that each player drinks between 400 and 600 ml of water within an hour before playing or practicing. During rolling, you should drink miles several times, each time from 150 to 200 ml, about 15 to 20 minutes apart, depending on the level of sweating. After the game is over, drink immediately to make up for the loss of water through sweat. Athletes who lose a kilogram of weight must compensate for one liter of water.