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American football – the new direction of Chinese sports (part 1)

In the sports sector reform, Chinese people will come here to receive American football as a new spiritual food.

October 1 saw a milestone of America football when this American “specialty” was officially introduced in the Chinese playground. More than 11,500 Chinese people came to watch the opening match of the American football championship in China, as a way to kick off the American sport in conquering fans in the mainland.

In the US, the word “Football” is very famous but not football originating from England, but football. If in the UK, the Premier League is the No. 1 league, the United States has the NFL (National Football League) with the NBA Basketball League (National Basketball Association).

In the first official introduction to China and the formation of a professional league, American football called China Arena Football League (CAFL), with 6 participating teams, including Beijing Lions, Shanghai Skywalkers, Guangzhou Power, Shenzhen Naja, Dalian Dragon Kings, and Qingdao Clipper. CAFL founder, Martin Judge, a US football tycoon, has begun planning to bring teams from the American Arena Football League to China since 2012.

In fact, there are no Chinese who are truly “professional” in American football, even though in the last few years there has been a movement to develop this sport at the amateur level. However, China has attached its local human resource development clause by registering 10 Chinese players, 10 American players out of the 20 players of each of the aforementioned CAFL teams.

In The Time’s writings or The Los Angeles Times, most American football fans admit they know nothing about the rules of the game, but feel excited. Speaking like David Niu – CAFL President, American football is often very exciting with sudden changes and matches always have high scores, usually a total of a few dozen goals, different from just “a few goals “or draw 0 – 0 like European football. In last weekend’s match, Shenzhen Naja won Dalian Dragon Kings with a score of 47-19.

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Japan pursues American football

Japanese American football coach Jamie Joseph said Wednesday his team was able to make history by approaching the quarterfinals at the World Cup next year.

The 2019 tournament organizers beat Georgia 28-0 last weekend to complete a busy month of home tests with a second win after a series split two matches against Italy.

This is the first time Japan has ranked 12th in the world, but it is the character shown by who came back after their second defeat to Italy that made the rare performance of the show.

“In Italian tests, we showed a glimpse of our American football brand – players who are confident and make great decisions,” former All Black told reporters.

Joseph said: “But the Georgia trial shows the commitment and alignment of the team, and we are starting to build exactly the type of character we need to prepare for the World Cup.”

Japan, once the boys whipping of the World Cup, posted three victories at the 2015 tournament according to England’s current coach Eddie Jones, including an astonishing 34-32 upset more than twice the champion South African world.

Their form fell shortly after Joseph took over in 2016 but the Japanese showed real improvement over the past year, especially during a 23-23 tango with France in Paris last November – a match they really should have won.

Joseph had a year of testing the dual mission after taking charge of Sunwolves in Tokyo, but he noted the Super American football competition to strengthen his players.

Japan put Ireland, Scotland, Russia and a play-off winner in Pool A at the World Cup next year but Joseph warned his players, they would need to stop admitting “soft” penalties if they hoped to reach the knockout stage.