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South American football ratings in each regional domestic league

In the football field, the South American region has a number of well-known soccer tournaments. The most famous is the South American Cup – Copa America.

Football South America Copa America is a football tournament between South American countries. This was organized by the South American football federation league. This is the earliest established football tournament in the world.

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In 1975, the tournament was renamed the South American Football Championship. When it was first established, the tournament had 10 participating teams. From 1993 up to now, the tournament has had two more teams attended. The format of the tournament is to take a knockout, not a elimination team.

In addition, there are some other tournaments in the South American region. They are such as the South American Youth Football Championship, the South American U17 Football Championship.

South American football produces many excellent players such as Neymar, Messi, Fat Ro, Pele, … All of them have become legends or are on their way to the legendary temple. Right now, our M10 plays for the Barca squad.

There was a time when South American football surpassed even the big Europeans with classy South American football finals. From the 1950 World Cup to 2002, every eight years, there was a team in South America who held the dominant position in the world. Indeed, South American football teams have stunned the world.

However, after the glory of football South America also began to experience crisis problems. And their path to the World Cup is also getting further away.

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After 16 years of crisis, South American football has had new prosperity. At four World Cups, South America has a runner-up position for Argentina. However, the prosperity is not too much when many teams depend on excellent players like Messi or Neymar.

One more point is that the South American football environment is no longer the most attractive place for good players in the world. The lack of talent makes football in this region a bit downhill.

Copa America

South American football – When will there be tomorrow

For the fourth consecutive World Cup, South American football must see Europeans reach the top, and this promises to continue in the future in Qatar 2022.

In 2002, Brazil was crowned at the first World Cup held by Asia with overwhelming strength compared to the rest. Brazil’s victory in 2002 helped South America surpass Europe in terms of world championships.

Also from 2002 onwards, South American football never let European rivals dominate the world, with more than 2 consecutive crowns. Whenever a European representative was crowned, South American football would repeat itself in the next order – with the flag of Brazil.

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The predominance of South American football is a thing of the past, even though the region still manages to bring players to Europe. The 21st century opens with a score of 9-8 in South America. But after the tournament where Russia is the host, Europe will rise to 12-9.

In the last three World Cups, up to two finals were internal European. Four years ago, in Brazil, Germany beat Argentina in the last match.

It was the first time a European representative had won the title in South America. Before the final, the Germans also sowed horror for Brazilian football history with a 7-1 victory in the Semifinals.

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Argentina has no hope. The 2018 World Cup is the end of a fallen generation of Argentina. After 4 years, Lionel Messi will surround the team “Came from Tango” is skeptical.

The days of Uruguay reaching the top of the world are long gone, and even Copa America is now a title they are hard to reach. Uruguay does not have the same, and only the ability to rely on the explosion of a few individuals is too big limitation.

Four years is not short, from now until the tournament in Qatar, but probably not long enough for South American football to rise.