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MLS professional football league, up from the difference

Football has never been considered a favorite sport of Americans. It is always in the secondary queue after many subjects such as American rugby, basketball, baseball or hockey.

It was not until the United States was the host of the 1994 World Cup for football to find a new life in this vast country and the birth of MLS.

MLS's next goal: Profits | Fortune

Initially, people only know this tournament as the landing zone of the world’s top football stars when their careers are late in the afternoon. A series of famous football celebrities from around the world have flocked to the US professional soccer league.

They were, first, Pele, then David Beckham, Thiery Henry, Kaka, David Villa, Didier Drogba, Andrea Pirlo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Wayne Rooney. The American football progresses rapidly, the MLS tournament is increasingly attracting the attention of fans in The United States.

Gradually people saw American football players playing on European soccer fields. The national football team of American men and women has achieved many successes in the big arenas of the round ball world.

Bertz gained consensus from the remaining owners and the MLS organizers about expanding the team. Accordingly, the new team will be located in the city of St. Louis, Georgia in 2022. This is also the first MLS team to have a female president.

La MLS vuelve a los entrenamientos

Georgia had previously had an MLS team, which was Atlanta United. Atlanta United is the model that the Enterpries Holding Foundation follows, with a well-prepared plan. That was since it has not officially joined the tournament to get success right in the beginning.

To obtain permission to locate a team in MLS, the city government of St. Louis has gone through a very lengthy lobbying process, with lots of tax and investment incentives. And a commitment to upgrading the club’s future infrastructure.