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Giovanni Reyna – The future star of American football

Giovanni Reyna is making impressive starts at Borussia Dortmund. The 17-year-old can become a future star of American football. The match between Borussia Dortmund and Werder Bremen in the German National Cup 2020, a super product appeared.

A Dortmund player danced between Bremen’s three defenders and unleashed a curling curler into the top corner of the goal. Earlier, Dortmund head coach Lucien Favre was impressed by a player on the U19 team.

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The assistants reported on a player who scored 4 goals and 7 assists in 12 appearances for U19 Dortmund. That player was Giovanni Reyna and immediately Lucien Favre called him to Dortmund’s official squad.

Soon after, Reyna was playing 11 games for Dortmund in the new year 2020 and left a great impression. The goal against Bremen came in Reyna’s German Cup debut. He also had an assist for Erling Haaland to score against Paris Saint-Germain also in his debut in the Champions League.

Giovanni Reyna was followed by the family to pursue a football career from the very beginning. The “Football family” is the most accurate phrase to say about his family.

His father – Claudio Reyna used to play for Wolfsburg, Manchester City, Sunderland. His mother Danielle Egan is also a professional footballer. Both Reyna’s parents have played for the US national team.

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Even his name Giovanni was named after a very famous teammate of his father – defender Giovanni Van Bronckhorst. It can be said that football has been in Reyna’s veins since he was born.

Shortly after joining New York City Academy, Giovanni Reyna attracted a lot of attention. He made his US U15 debut at the age of 13.

And just a year later, Reyna helped U16 New York City to win the Adidas Cup and receive the best player in the tournament. At the prestigious young tournament Torneo delle Nazioni, Reyna’s 4 goals and 4 assists helped U15 USA win the tournament.

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How the National Football League became a gigantic business (Part 3)

The step leading up to the creation of a professional team with the first foundations is still in place before the turn of the century. NFL was founded in Canton, Ohio, in 1920 as the American Professional Football Association. Part of their success must include Jim Thorpe, an excellent American athlete, was chosen as the first president of the federation. Before the NFL, real teams didn’t last long.

The current Federation was located in 1922 by Joe Carr, the successor of Thorpe. Carr held the highest position until 1939 while teams like Akron Pros, Columbus Panhandles, Frankford Yellow Jackets, and Staten Island Stapletons kept coming and going. It was followed by Carl Strock but only for a year.

In 1941, he was replaced by Elmer Layden, who remained in this position during World War II. When player, coach and veteran boss Bert Bell came to power in 1946, access to television finally helped the federation bring its sport to the masses. Bell remained in leadership until his death in 1959, and that was when Pete Rozelle arrived. It was only then that the professional American football that we often watch on TV today actually appeared.

When Rozelle joined, the NFL then consisted of two boards with a total of 12 teams including New York Giant, Cleverland Browns, Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers, Washington Redskins, Chicago Cardinals, Baltimore Colts, Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, San Francisco 49ers , Detroit Lions, and Los Angles Rams.

By the time he took over, Cardinals moved to St. Louis and had another team in Dallas; Another team in Minneapolis was added in 1961. However, there are many other cities in the country that are trying to get into this growing activity. And a rival league emerged in 1959, far more powerful than any rival ever.

While the NFL initially tried to ignore this emerging person, the organization called the American Football League began to encroach on what was once considered the NFL’s own territory with teams in Boston, Buffalo, Denver, Houston, New York, Oakland, Dallas, and Los Angles.

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How the National Football League become a gigantic business (Part 2)

In fact, American football is just a simple game on a rectangular grass field (or in recent years a yard with artificial grass surface). Two teams of 11 people ran back and forth on the field for 60 minutes, trying to score as many goals as possible. They do this by holding, passing, kicking or throwing an oval ball into a “restricted area” protected by the opposing player.

Naturally, as with most activities of this type, there are many situations that complicate the process and increase the excitement for the audience to understand the rules of the subject.

For Americans, football is better, football is more resistant and … “violent” than football

The sport of playing both hands and feet with today’s American football ball has a history dating back to the late 19th century. It was recognized that the first real match in the United States was a game in New Jersey in 1869. In that match, Rutgers defeated Princeton with a score of 6-4, although the differences and similarities between the 1869 match and today’s matches are really numerous.

There are extremely fierce matches and the winner is the person who scores the highest number of goals. At the same time each side has 25 players, who can only touch the ball with their feet or with their heads.

Different rules still apply depending on the specific match, until a standard rule was introduced in 1873. A schedule was also created at the same time for teams at Princeton and Rutgers, as well. like in Yale and Columbia. The American Football Law at that time began to be strengthened.

The first matches were extremely violent and led to countless serious injuries, even deaths. This reminded President Theodore Roosevelt in 1905 to make immediate changes and to have a greater vision in matches. After that, the safety requirements were increased and the matches were monitored more closely. This led to the birth of the National Student Sports Federation (NCAA), which also initiated the post-season wooden football matches that are still popular today.

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How the National Football League become a gigantic business (Part 1)

It sounds unbelievable, but the National Football League (NFL) really was nothing before Pete Rozelle took power in 1960. Despite having been established for 40 years, at that time, the NFL was not. How much different from a game on campus with the support of the fans. Their 13 teams averaged only $ 2 million each.

The right to broadcast all matches sold at an unimpressive price is $ 4.65 million. Two secretaries and a temporary employee are all forces at the federation headquarters. Back then, baseball was still the most popular pastime in the United States.

Rozelle, a 33-year-old public relations commissioner, was the general manager of the Los Angeles Rams when he was appointed NFL’s sixth leader. He had a great plan right after he took over, and less than a decade later, he was able to accomplish most of his goals.

The first is the renegotiation of the contract with the federation’s national TV channel, which has contributed to bringing the match to more families as well as significantly increasing the federation’s income and reputation. He then planned to merge with the newly emerging American Football League to unite the competing professional teams in sports and at the same time create a coalition of 26 strong teams with players across the country.

He persuaded ABC to air the nation’s “match of the week” every Monday night, building a program that would later become one of the most popular recurring shows on television.

Of course things don’t always go smoothly for Rozelle and the federation. Prolonged strikes, loud contract disputes, serious injuries and favorite players in wheelchairs, non-athletic (even illegal) actions on and off the field bosses surreptitiously moving their headquarters to another city in the middle of the night are just a few of the countless risks affecting the impressive performance that the NFL has achieved over the next 40 years.

But no one could deny that the federation during this period had emerged as the dominant sports organization in the world. Or is it Pete Rozelle, who retired in 1989 and died in 1996, who redefined the concept of professional sports and brought the NFL into a gigantic business.

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Super Bowl LIV: Newbie’s Guide to American football (part 3)

Touchdown (six points) – One touchdown gets scored as a team crosses the goal line of the opposition with the ball, or collects/ catches the ball from the end zone.

Extra point (one point or two) – The extra point will come in place following a touchdown. A team has one additional point via kicking the ball over the uprights (like a field goal), as well as receiving two points via taking their ball into that end zone again, in essence, another touchdown.

Field goal (three points) – They are typically attempted on the fourth down when the kicker becomes close enough to that end zone to kick their ball through the posts.

Safety (two points) – It gets awarded to the defensive team as the offensive team’s member is handled with the ball in the end zone.


The New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers have the most rings of Super Bowl with up to six titles to the name.

More tips, facts as well as rules

  • The NFL is known for being made up of 32 teams divided into two conferences, the AFC and NFC.
  • Each team needs 11 players at least.
  • There are up to SEVEN officials during one football match.
  • One average NFL game will last more than 3 hours, yet the ball is just in play for 11 minutes or so.
  • One American football field is known for being 100 yards long.
  • Interception – When one opposing player catches one pass
  • Pick six – One interception that is made by the defensive team, resulting in a touchdown.
  • Drive – One term used to specify the offensive team is moving down the field in one single possession, made up of one series at least.
  • Passing yards – The yards’ number one passer has been throwing the ball from the scrimmage’s line.
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American football World Cup: ‘England can start something amazing’ (Part 2)

You start thinking about American football, then the consequences and the results of the final and the rest of your life can be like. He will actively try to empty everything this week.

South African players celebrate a semi-final victory over Wales

After watching South Africa’s narrow victory over Wales, there is no question that England will be loved. There will not be any cigarette smoke set by head coach Jones trying to pretend that they are losers in any way.

You don’t see Springboks anywhere near the UK, but the results may depend on how the game was introduced, how it was done, and the fitness of some players throughout the week.

South Africa is a strong team physically and confrontational, but I cannot see them having superior dominance with the warriors or rolling matrix as they did to wipe out and dominate Wales. That means the Springboks have to play a little more American football. They cannot kick their way to win the World Cup.

Part of me thought South Africa had reached their Everest summit in the semi-final. There are big celebrations at full time, they march around the yard like they’ve just won it, while England makes a quick turn and heads straight down to the changing room.

‘It has to be an interesting final, or England will win a lot.’

Eddie Jones and England defense coach John Mitchell watched the South Africa-Wales semi-final from the stands in Yokohama.

Winning the semi-finals of South Africa has turned into a bit of a boring American football festival because that’s what both teams want to do. But I can’t see England wanting to do that. He has the ability to not only run back to South Africa but also physically take them.

They do not need to play a territorial stone game and wait for South Africa to make mistakes.

I would not say that England would necessarily change their tactics significantly. They will revise them to allow South Africa to play but I don’t think they will change the attack shape too much.

If South Africa tries and plays like they did with Wales, England will integrate and win. If their backs, half of the Handre Pollard fly and the Damian de Allende center, release a little, it will put it at great risk but it will be an unlocking game.

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Super Bowl LIV: Newbie’s Guide to American football (part 2)

So, how do downs work?

Here, you get four attempts (one down) to move the ball up to 10 yards – by how? You can either pass the ball to one receiver or run with it.

A receiver: One player who receives the ball, often off the quarterback.

When you make the ten yards, you will get another four-down set, for another ten yards, and so on.

Have you ever watched American football? Then, you might see these words ‘First and ten’ in the corner. They mean the offensive team is on the first down as well as having ten yards to make for another 1st down.

When your team makes three yards on your play, for instance, then next, it’s second and seven, third and four, etc. When they fail to make ten yards in the 4 downs, the other team will get possession of the ball. Also, the process starts again.

The top tip: If one team fails to make ten yards on their 1st three attempts, it’s typical of them to kick the ball away on the fourth down. It means the other team has further to score since their field position is further back.

Then, what precisely does the quarterback do?

One Quarterback is considered the leader of the team. Plus, he is the player who throws the football a lot. 

You know, the play-maker of the New England Patriots should be the legendary Tom Brady that has won the famous Super Bowl up to six times with the Patriots.

He is one more traditional player, named as a “pocket passer.” He often stands in one spot as well as throwing the ball where as several quarterbacks will move around as well as trying and finding an opening.


You see, the aim for American football teams is scoring touchdowns.

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Super Bowl LIV: Newbie’s Guide to American football (part 1)

Some name it as the world’s greatest sport. Other people tune in for the halftime entertainment. Else, they want to spot their favorite A-list celebrities.

No matter what the reason, many people around the world want to see the Kansas City Chiefs vs. the San Francisco 49ers on the 2nd of February, 2020 – the game will occur at the home of Miami Dolphins, Hard Rock Stadium.

Do you not know a lot about the sport? Yet, do you want to get involved these days? Then, look right here.

Below are some handy phrases, beginner tips, and rules to have you started with the NFL’s basics – let’s go!

Defense and Offence

Each team is divided into two units; a defensive one and an attacking one.

The team, with the control of the ball, has their offense or attacking players. Here, the attacking players will try to move the ball as well as scoring touchdowns.

The offense attempts in getting the ball to end zone for one TD. The defense of the opposing team will attempt to stop that from occurring, as you’d expect.

Here, the team without the football has their defensive players on; else, have their ‘defense’ on the pitch. Also, the defense’s role is to prevent the team from scoring by dealing with the ball-carrier, causing fumbles, or intercepting passes.

It is valid for plenty of the game, exclusive when one team has decided to kick the ball. Here, the ‘special groups ‘ will come on for that.

Fumble: As a player with possession as well as control of the football loses it before he is downed.

So, how do downs work?

A ‘down’ is one tackle and the key to the game. It pops up in the game; thus, nail it, and you’ll sound like one pro!

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Genius Sports to aid in the new American football league

The brand-new American football league – The XFL that will launch in America next month, has signed one integrity monitoring deal with sports technology and data provider Genius Sports.

Under their multi-year integrity partnership, this Genius Sports will try their best towards safeguarding the new league, which is backed by the chairman and founder of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) – Vince McMahon.

Genius Sports plan on monitoring all pre-game as well as live betting markets to provide the XFL with visibility into wagering on its games, aside from giving alerts and analysis of every significant odds movement.

As one beginning point, during the centralized training camp of the XFL this month in Texas, Houston, Genius Sports will hold integrity workshops with players, coaches as well as game officials to give them advice about avoiding any betting-related misconduct.

Not all, Genius Sports will help the XFL to know better about projected levels of betting on games as well as establishing one process for reporting potential problems and potentially assisting in investigations.

XFL coaches, players, officials, teams as well as league executives will be given one customized e-learning portal outlining obligations and regulations concerning betting, too.

“Sports betting has proliferated in the US, and these days we are preparing to be a good citizen as well as a thoughtful participant in the marketplace,” the XFL’s president and chief officer of operating – Jeffrey Pollack said. “Our alliance with Genius Sports should be one important first step as well as the foundational element.”

Steven Burton – Genius Sports managing director, added: “The XFL has proven an exemplary commitment to saving the integrity of its games. Here, we are proud to be a partner with the dynamic league as well as looking forward to helping the XFL gain benefits from increased fan avidity by involving with the nascent American sports betting industry.”

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Mark Ingram missed the second training session in a row due to a calf injury

The Reds On average a pitch rushes 201.6 leagues per game during the regular season, but they may not start running again for Saturday’s group stage match against the Tennessee Giants.

Despite the final two weeks of rest, Mark ingram missed training on both Tuesday and Wednesday due to a calf injury he suffered in week 16.

According to Ingram’s NFL Ian Rapoport “felt a bit tense” and “pulled back to avoid injury” on Tuesday. Rapoport added that Ingram “had a chance to play” on Saturday. When the crow’s head coach, John Harbaugh was asked about his condition, he refused.

Last Friday, Harbaugh said he hoped Ingram would completely speed up training during this week, but that obviously didn’t happen. With Baltimore’s first debate game just three days away, his condition on Saturday is in doubt.

“Day after day, so we’ll see,” said attack coordinator Greg Roman, via the Raven official website. “But that’s how it plays out in this tournament. Be ready to adapt and adjust when it happens, just like in the course of a game.”

Ingram rushed in to make 1,018 yards and 10 touches this season, second in the team behind midfielder Lamar jackson. It marks the third time Ingram has rushed to run at least 1,000 yards in a season in his nine years in the tournament.

If Ingram can’t go this weekend, we can expect Gus Edwards to take his place in the starting lineup.

“I was prepared for whatever they gave me. I hope it will be very much,” Edwards said. “I like to carry the ball. I just need to be mentally prepared, my body ready and I’ll be ready when my name is called.”

The second year rushed back for 711 yards and twice touched the ball on 133 to bring this season. Last year, this American football player became the first rookie of the Baltimore team to run more than 100 meters in consecutive games since Jamal Lewis did it back in 2000.

Ingram‘s inactivity on Saturday would obviously not be ideal for Baltimore, but the Reds are likely to be replaceable in both Edwards and rookie Hill of Justice.