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Super Bowl LIV: Newbie’s Guide to American football (part 3)

Touchdown (six points) – One touchdown gets scored as a team crosses the goal line of the opposition with the ball, or collects/ catches the ball from the end zone.

Extra point (one point or two) – The extra point will come in place following a touchdown. A team has one additional point via kicking the ball over the uprights (like a field goal), as well as receiving two points via taking their ball into that end zone again, in essence, another touchdown.

Field goal (three points) – They are typically attempted on the fourth down when the kicker becomes close enough to that end zone to kick their ball through the posts.

Safety (two points) – It gets awarded to the defensive team as the offensive team’s member is handled with the ball in the end zone.


The New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers have the most rings of Super Bowl with up to six titles to the name.

More tips, facts as well as rules

  • The NFL is known for being made up of 32 teams divided into two conferences, the AFC and NFC.
  • Each team needs 11 players at least.
  • There are up to SEVEN officials during one football match.
  • One average NFL game will last more than 3 hours, yet the ball is just in play for 11 minutes or so.
  • One American football field is known for being 100 yards long.
  • Interception – When one opposing player catches one pass
  • Pick six – One interception that is made by the defensive team, resulting in a touchdown.
  • Drive – One term used to specify the offensive team is moving down the field in one single possession, made up of one series at least.
  • Passing yards – The yards’ number one passer has been throwing the ball from the scrimmage’s line.