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Super Bowl LIV: Newbie’s Guide to American football (part 2)

So, how do downs work?

Here, you get four attempts (one down) to move the ball up to 10 yards – by how? You can either pass the ball to one receiver or run with it.

A receiver: One player who receives the ball, often off the quarterback.

When you make the ten yards, you will get another four-down set, for another ten yards, and so on.

Have you ever watched American football? Then, you might see these words ‘First and ten’ in the corner. They mean the offensive team is on the first down as well as having ten yards to make for another 1st down.

When your team makes three yards on your play, for instance, then next, it’s second and seven, third and four, etc. When they fail to make ten yards in the 4 downs, the other team will get possession of the ball. Also, the process starts again.

The top tip: If one team fails to make ten yards on their 1st three attempts, it’s typical of them to kick the ball away on the fourth down. It means the other team has further to score since their field position is further back.

Then, what precisely does the quarterback do?

One Quarterback is considered the leader of the team. Plus, he is the player who throws the football a lot. 

You know, the play-maker of the New England Patriots should be the legendary Tom Brady that has won the famous Super Bowl up to six times with the Patriots.

He is one more traditional player, named as a “pocket passer.” He often stands in one spot as well as throwing the ball where as several quarterbacks will move around as well as trying and finding an opening.


You see, the aim for American football teams is scoring touchdowns.