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Super Bowl LIV: Newbie’s Guide to American football (part 1)

Some name it as the world’s greatest sport. Other people tune in for the halftime entertainment. Else, they want to spot their favorite A-list celebrities.

No matter what the reason, many people around the world want to see the Kansas City Chiefs vs. the San Francisco 49ers on the 2nd of February, 2020 – the game will occur at the home of Miami Dolphins, Hard Rock Stadium.

Do you not know a lot about the sport? Yet, do you want to get involved these days? Then, look right here.

Below are some handy phrases, beginner tips, and rules to have you started with the NFL’s basics – let’s go!

Defense and Offence

Each team is divided into two units; a defensive one and an attacking one.

The team, with the control of the ball, has their offense or attacking players. Here, the attacking players will try to move the ball as well as scoring touchdowns.

The offense attempts in getting the ball to end zone for one TD. The defense of the opposing team will attempt to stop that from occurring, as you’d expect.

Here, the team without the football has their defensive players on; else, have their ‘defense’ on the pitch. Also, the defense’s role is to prevent the team from scoring by dealing with the ball-carrier, causing fumbles, or intercepting passes.

It is valid for plenty of the game, exclusive when one team has decided to kick the ball. Here, the ‘special groups ‘ will come on for that.

Fumble: As a player with possession as well as control of the football loses it before he is downed.

So, how do downs work?

A ‘down’ is one tackle and the key to the game. It pops up in the game; thus, nail it, and you’ll sound like one pro!