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Super Bowl Halftime Show: half an hour from stage setup to performance

The length of a break in football is usually 12 minutes. However, when the Super Bowl Halftime Show was upgraded to a musical stage, the length of the performance was raised to 30 minutes of both stage assembly and dismantling.

Not only is a dream stage of artists, Super Bowl Halftime Show will also become the stage for the directors and agencies’ events to be the one when the challenge of execution time of stage items, sound, light, visual, performance and cleanup will only take place in exactly 30 minutes.

Lady Gaga’s SuperBowl Halftime Show 51 opening is supported by dozens of American flag-shaped helicopters and turned into a pigeon shape before she flew from the stadium roof to the stage to continue her performance. Sound, lighting, stage effects, vocals and support from the LED team below the stands overwhelmed Americans with the investment in the performances at Super Bowl Halftime Show. Lady Gaga, after Michael Jackson, was enrolled in the best Super Bowl performances of all time. Even Hilary Clinton praised Laydy Gaga’s performance on her Twiter page.

In 2015, Katy Perry after performing at Super Bowl Halftime XLIX (Roman numerical writing of 49, which represents the Super Bowl for the 49th time) right on the arm to remember a milestone in her career.

If anyone has ever seen the documentary about the behind-the-scenes stories of Katy Perry’s performance at Super Bowl 49, people can feel the pace, the rhythmic coordination of the backstage teams. At the life performance of the voice “Roar”, there are about 10 tons of stage equipment divided into 25 different parts and more than 600 people do assembly tasks within 6 minutes only. And the show lasted 12 minutes, so the backstage team only had about 8 minutes left to dismantle and transport all the equipment, returning the ground for the athletes to compete in the next round.

Although the half-hour performance only takes more than 10 minutes, but from the preparation, the investment in the image and the expectations of the American people about the king sport, Super Bowl Halftime Show will be recorded with many spectacular, elaborate and beautiful performances.

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