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Real lost the No.1 spot in value to the American football team

This is the first time Real has lost the first place in the table, after three consecutive years to occupy this position in the ranking of the world’s most valuable sports teams by Forbes.

10. Los Angeles Lakers (US $ 2.7 billion)

The second highest value basketball team in the United States was founded in 1947. From its inception to 1960, the team was named the Minneapolis Lakers. The name Los Angeles Lakers exists from 1960 to the present. The team used to have 16 times NBA champions.

9. New York Giants (2.8 billion USD)

NY Giants is a professional American football team founded in 1925, based in East Rutherford, New Jersey and represents the New York metropolitan area. The team’s home ground is MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. This is the venue for the 2016 Copa America final between the Chile vs Argentina football team.


8. Washington Redskins ($ 2.85 billion)

Rugby team founded in 1932, playing on FedEx Field Stadium in Landover, Maryland but headquartered in Ashburn, Virginia and training elsewhere (Richmon, Virginia). Washington Redskins is known as the team of hot girls with a beautiful and powerful cheerleader.

7. New York Knicks ($ 3 billion)

This is the highest valued basketball team in the United States. NY Knicks was founded in 1946 and competes at Madison Square Garden.

6. New England Patriots ($ 3.2 billion)

NE Patriots founded in 1960, is a rugby team playing at the NFL. The team’s home ground and headquarters are Gillette’s yard in Foxborough, Massachusetts. The team has won the NFL four times in 2001, 2003, 2004 and 2014.


5. Manchester United (3.32 billion USD)

MU was founded in 1878 under the original name of Newton Heath LYR, and was changed to Manchester United in 1902. MU is the most traditional rich team in England with 20 national championships, including 13 times to win the NH NH and 12 FA Cups. This team also won the Champions League / Champions 3 times.

4. New Yord Yankees (3.4 billion USD)

The famous American baseball team dropped 2 places compared to the previous year’s rankings because their value increased by only 6%. NY Yankees founded in 1901, headquartered in the Bronx district, New York. The team used to have two previous names: Baltimore Orioles (from 1901 to 1902), New York Highlanders (from 1903 to 1912) and NY Yankees (from 1913 to present).

3. Barcelona (3.55 billion USD):

With a 12% increase in value compared to the previous rankings, Barcelona hit the 3rd position. This team was founded in 1899, has 24 times the national team, 28 times won the King’s Cup. and 5 C1/Champions League.


2. Real Madrid (3.65 billion USD)

The most traditional rich team in Spain has fallen compared to last year. In the last 3 years, Real has always been in first place in the table. Since 2011, this is the first time this chart is not due to MU or Real holding the No. 1 position. The 12% increase in the value of Real is lower than their competitor ranked above them.

1. Dallas Cowboys ($ 4 billion)

Up to 25% of the value in the past year, Dallas Cowboys surpassed the spectacular Real Madrid. This rugby team was founded in 1960, playing at AT&T home turf in Texas. The team has won the NFL Superbowl five times in 1971, 1977, 1992, 1993 and 1995. The NFL rugby tournament contributes 27 teams to the top 50 Forbes sports teams. Football and basketball contribute eight positions, while the American Baseball tournament features seven teams.