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Americans are entering love with football

From being indifferent to football, in recent years Americans have gradually devoted much love to the sport, which is not the number one in the flag country. A big contribution to this change is the International Champions Cup friendly. That brings together many stars and brings great parties for American.

The 24-year-old Chris Shea loved Man City when he was a kid, but he could only watch the stars on television.

Người Mỹ đang bước vào tình yêu với bóng đá

So he traveled to this place with his girlfriend Jessica from Durango to Miami to stand in the stands, watching Pep Guardiola’s army defeat Bayern Munich. It is a journey of about 5,000 km, equal to from London to… Pakistan goes for 35 hours in a car with only $ 1,500 in a pocket. However, as Shea said, watching Man City players in the flesh playing football is more than a dream.

There seems to be a major change in American soil. From a strange country to football, the sport called “soccer” because “football” was used for rugby, they became fascinated with the game of 22 players on the green grass.

Americans now no longer wonder why the players are not wearing helmets or for whatever reason are not standing under the opponent’s defense. ICC brings them closer to the big clubs in Europe and a lot of people like Shea or Russell spend big sums to not miss the top performances.

7 percent may be a small number if placed next to other countries, but it represents a boom in the US. Compared to the same poll four years ago, the top three sports have reduced the percentage of interest, only football increased by 3 percent .

Football also receives special attention from young people. Among those aged 18 to 34, 11 percent said they loved football, equal to basketball and higher than baseball.

American Football News

Rooney parted with the American tournament in an unforgettable match with a shocking score

Recently striker Wayne Rooney had an MLS farewell match to return to him with Derby County. However, it was an unforgettable match for the English striker. Rooney played from the start as the host of DC United in the play-off match against Toronto FC but did not leave much impression.

The two teams drew 1-1 after 90 minutes of official play, when Rooney had two remarkable opportunities from close-range shots in the second half but failed to win against the home side’s goalkeeper.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Rooney

In extra time, Toronto FC scored 4 goals against DC United. Captain Rooney was replaced by Leonardo Jara in the 105th minute and just one minute later, Toronto had a goal to set the score 5-1. Rooney will return to England to join Derby County, former club of coach Frank Lampard. Here, he just played, just as part of the coaching staff of the team.

Rooney is the best striker of DC United this season with 11 goals. Although only in the United States for one and a half seasons, the British legend has left a deep impression, bringing countless memorable moments, putting DC United in the play-off group. Besides, he and Lucho Acosta form a good pair of cards.

In total, Rooney has 23 goals and 15 assists in 48 appearances. Mixed up are some unhappy moments, including 2 red cards this season and 2 failures in the first play-off round. Besides, loose lifestyle outside the pitch of this striker also caused unnecessary scandals, affecting the family life of “Guy Shrek”.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Rooney

Talking about Rooney, DC United coach Ben Olsen said: “Rooney is a big plus for this club. He’s been an important part of the team, this tournament for the past year and a half, has really pushed this club forward. I think he motivated me, made me a better coach. ”

Back to the result of the match, Toronto FC, after winning against DC United, will face New York City FC in the Eastern finals on October 23. The winning team will win the ticket to the MLS title match on November 10.

Facts about American Football

American Football Facts (Part 2)

5. The Pittsburgh Steelers Get the Super Bowl Wins

They have achieved six Super Bowl Championships. The Pittsburgh Steelers have attended eight Super Bowls as well as being one of three teams that have many times made it to the fantastic Super Bowl. The New England Patriots and the Dallas Cowboys have also taken part in eight Super Bowl Games. The Patriots have become the winner four times. The Cowboys have become the winner for five Super Bowls.

6. College Players Get Drafted into Teams

Annually, the NFL holds a draft that teams choose eligible college players as well as offering them contracts. For the team with their most losses in the past season, they have the first pick. The season loss decides the draft pick’ order. The team that has the most wins will pick last. Several groups opt for trading draft picks when trading players. The draft offers the NFL with just about every player. Teams sometimes organize contract free agents or open tryouts.

7. 32 Teams Make Up The NFL in Two Conferences, the AFC and NFC

The NFL (National Football League) consists of 32 teams. Then, the teams are divided into the NFC (National Football Conference) and the AFC (American Football Conference). Each conference comes with one champion each year. The two championship teams, after that, play each other through the Super Bowl.

8. Seven Officials Are Present During a Football Game

For fair play, the NFL leverages seven different officials. They will keep track of numerous things, including the fouls and the downs. Officials wear white and black striped shirts. Each of them watches for various infractions and is responsible for different things. Their highest ranking is the referee. He gets the most responsibility regarding oversight. The others are the umpire, the head linesman, etc.

American Football News

The NFL maintained Myles Garrett’s indefinite suspension during the attack

Myles Garrett, who is said to be the defense leader of the Cleveland Browns, alleges that Pittsburgh Steelers midfielder Mason Rudolph used a racial curse during his confrontation last week.

The national football federation on Thursday sustained the indefinite suspension of defensive team leader Brown Brown Myles Garrett over a violent fighting on the pitch with midfielder Mason Rudolph of Pittsburgh Steelers last week.

Garrett accused Rudolph of provoking the conflict using a racial slurs during a battle on the battlefield on November 14, which Agent Rudolph said was a lie.

According to ESPN, Garrett told NFL officials during his appeal hearing that Rudolph used laughter in an intensified short exchange when Garrett used a helmet to attack Rudolph.

The NFL war could result in huge fines for Cleveland Browns and Myles Garrett

After the incident, three players were suspended without paying. Browns defensive leader Larry Ogunjobi had to sit out of a match and Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey was suspended for three matches and fined $ 35,096, was reduced fifth to a two-match suspension after appeal . Garrett received a Japanese commissioner for punishment

Garrett’s suspension, requires him to meet NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell before he can be recovered to play, NFL spokesman Michael Signora said on Twitter.

Rudolph’s lawyer, Timothy M. Younger of Younger & Associates, called the allegations false in a statement published on his Twitter account on Thursday.

In the statement, Younger said that Garrett, wrongly asserted that Mason Rudolph had uttered a racial slurs towards him, before swinging a helmet to Mason’s head, in an attempt. desperate to ease his suspension. confirmed after the match, before the hearing or in the apology made by Browns.

The malicious use of this wild and baseless allegation is an attack on Mason’s integrity, far worse than the physical attack witnessed on Thursday. This is reckless and shameful. We will not comment further, he said.

Steelers spokesman Burt Lauten also defended Rudolph, saying that he vehemently denied using a racial antics in the game and won on the issue.

According to Sports Illustrated, Garrett also argued against his suspension period by referring to a similar incident in 2013 when Houston Texans defense leader Antonio Smith removed the Miami Dolphins Richie Incognito helmet, branding helmet in Incognito. Smith was suspended in four games.

Garrett’ appeal, was heard by former NFL broad recipient James Thrash, an appeal officer coordinated by the NFL and NFL Players Association to help monitor players’ disciplinary issues on the field.

American Football around the word

American football brings discipline and teamwork to Israel (Part 1)

Israeli educator and sports coach Erez Lustig was born and raised in a country which adores soccer over most other sports, he fell in love with American football from a young age. His improbable love for the game can be traced to the way football “collaborates fun with values.” as well as his family in the United States sitting and watching the sport on television.

According to Erez Lustig program founder, football can be a vehicle for education. He told students that school with tests in language, history, and math is giving them their playbooks of how to win. He told them that they must be an athlete after becoming a student.

Nine years ago, 46 year-old Lustig founded an Israeli nonprofit “Young Champions,” which today brings together 200 boys and girls, ages 6 to 16, on four teams which practice after school. More recently, in partnership with Israel’s Ministry of Education he has brought American football to elementary schools, with programming for nearly 650 students.

Lustig was the only foreign coach in 1,200 football lectures and coaches by NFL and college-level head coaches attending a yearly clinic in Alabama. He told JNS that the meshuganah that came from Israel. And other coaches would quip whether he is lost or not.

But Lustig was not lost. He was on a mission and he said quite the opposite  that through the acquisition of the culture and game of American football, life skills and values for children are promoted.

He stated that football is the vehicle for the education, adding that it is the responsibility of the educator to establish for students the foundation of values, such as how to work towards their targets.

In his classes, students learn problem solving, teamwork, creativity, respect and ‘American-style’ leadership and character, and teachers learn to “teach like coaches” applied both in the classroom and on the field.

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Carli Lloyd, who wrote the new history page for the NFL (Part 3)

Does NFL agree to allow women to play?

According to the National Football League (NFL) spokesman, Greg Aiello, the NFL rules have no gender restrictions on players. “The NFL has no rules banning female players from playing. The condition to become an NFL player is to graduate from high school and have the skills to play football, ”Aiello said. That said, Carli Lloyd is perfectly qualified to play in the NFL.

Carli Lloyd once wore a coat … Man City

In 2007, Carli Lloyd joined the Man City women’s team on loan. Along with the Green Man, Carli Lloyd won the FA Cup women’s version. She was the one who scored the goal in the final. Unfortunately, Carli Lloyd’s loan period at Man City ended quite sad. She hit the elbow in the face of Annie Heatherson (Yeovil Town) and was suspended until the end of the loan.

It was Carli Lloyd Insider’s statement aimed at people, doubting her ability to invade American football. Lloyd said that she used to be a professional player, scoring many goals in a difficult position, so the movement of taking just two momentum in the NFL is not challenging at all.

Wife kicking football, husband playing golf

Carli Lloyd‘s husband is Brian Hollins, a professional golfer. They are friends high school and marriage in the summer of 2016. The couple celebrated a simple wedding ceremony in Mexico under the witness mainly relatives and friends. Lloyd once wrote on his personal Instagram that marrying a sports person made it easy for her to understand.

Unforgettable memories on stage

In July of this year, Jennifer Lopez appeared at the ceremony to honor the American football team after the world championship. On stage, the popular singer known as J.Lo gave Lloyd a special gift to pay tribute to her, the first female player to score in 6 consecutive World Cup finals. It is a famous lap dance based on If You Had My Love, J.Lo’s debut song in 1999.

Facts about American Football

American Football Facts (Part 1)

Let’s dive into some interesting facts:

1. Soccer and Rugby Are What American Football Evolved from 

American Football’s original game looked like soccer mixed with rugby. It involves the oval-shaped ball that is called a football. This game’s objective is to make the ball into the zone’s end for a touchdown. It is usually accomplished when you have the quarterback throw this ball to another player. This person then runs it to the end zone. Or else, he passes it to another player. Also, the opposing team tries and stops play by dealing with players or intercepting this ball. Each touchdown is equal to six points.

2. In 1869, The First Football Game Occured Between Rutgers and Princeton

The first game was played in 1869. It was between Princeton and Rutgers in New Jersey. Here, the rules were not like the modern game you are used to seeing. In 1880 – eleven years later, Walter Camp managed to codify the game using a series of rules, inclusive of the system of downs and team size. He is widely regarded as the father of football.

3. Football Is Considered the Most Popular Game in America

Football may have a short season of only 17 weeks. Still, it does not stop people from seeing it in droves, tailgating at arenas as well as cheering for their favorite teams. Reportedly, this sport is tremendously popular in America. And the Super Bowl – its championship, is the most-watched TV event of the year.

4. The NFL Works to Govern American Professional Play 

NFL (The National Football League) began in 1920. That time, people called it the American Professional Football Association. You know, the commissioner is the NFL’s head. The NFL needs to ensure the game’s rules are being followed. They organize the Super Bowl as well. 

American Football News

Best fantasy waiver choices for Week Ten

Unless otherwise noted, solely players that are owned in fewer than fifty percent of Yahoo leagues accounted for.

Ronald Jones, RB, Buccaneers. Jones got his initial beginning of the year in Week nine and ran a team-high eighteen times for sixty seven yards and a score. He also added fifteen yards on two receptions. Above all, Peyton Barber solely received four carries and did not play a lot outside of 1 drive. It seems that Jones has finally seized the “lead back” — one thing we’ve thought before. If Jones will keep obtaining 15-plus touches, he is worth going forward, beginning next week against the Cardinals.

Zach Pascal, WR, Colts. Pascal managed to lead a balanced Colts passing attack with six targets on Sunday, catching 5 for seventy six yards and a touchdown. As long as T.Y. Hilton (calf) is out (which ought to be a minimum of a few additional weeks), Pascal is that the WR for Indy. Once Hilton was out at Week four, Pascal caught four-of-seven targets for seventy two yards. He is the snaps leader (outside Hilton) among the Colts’ WR corps, and he provides a suitable combination of red-zone threat and middle-of-the-field target. Chester Rogers (five targets) as well as Parris Campbell (five targets) each might be value-adding in deeper leagues.

DeVante Parker, WR, Dolphins. You may not pay attention; however, Parker is finally getting the breakout season that fantasy owners are anticipating. He had a four-catch, 57-yard, one-TD performance in Week nine, marking the fourth time within the last 5 games during which he has scored. Sure, garbage time helps. However, that will be a recurring thing for the Dolphins and Parker. He works to average more than six targets per game, and that is enough for him to pay off as a WR3 most weeks.

American Football Tournaments

Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Carolina Panthers hit London in NFL Week 6

In this Week 6 game Carolina and Tampa Bay face off for the second time this season. In London NFC South match-up takes place in the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium where Tampa Bay are the nominated home team. The Week 2 game between these franchises has the result that the Bucs now sit with a 2-3 record and in a surprise 20-14 win.

The Panthers opened their season when their star quarterback Cam Newton missing out through injury hasn’t played since, so backup quarterback Kyle Allen has stepped up to the mark including the Bucs they had two home losses. MVP candidate Christian McCaffrey who is doing more than his fair share in the rushing and receiving stakes has been helped. In his three winning regular season games to date the undrafted free agent has thrown 0 interceptions and 5 touchdowns.

McCaffrey’s only blip coming in that Week 2 loss to the Bucs has been other worldly this season. In his last three games he is averaging over 200 yards of offense. The Bucs struggle to restrict McCaffrey to 37 yards rush defense is 3rd best in the league, but they will like they did in their first meeting.

For the first time since 199, the 49ers have started 4-0. They finished a fourth Vince Lombardi Trophy and a regular season record of 14-2 the season to add to their collection. Jerry Rice and Joe Montana leading the 49ers to five Super Bowl victories within 13 seasons were the key duo back in those days.

Deebo Samuel and Jimmy Garoppolo may not be as feared as that Hall of Fame pairing by defensive coordinators, but nonetheless to the 2019 season they have made a good start. On Monday night they made a statement, beating 31-3 the Cleveland Browns. Though this altogether will be a different test. In the last two seasons they have a combined 2-10 record against their divisional rivals and Los Angeles Rams NFC champions have more than enough firepower to give the first loss of the season to the 49ers.

American Football Tournaments

Carli Lloyd, who wrote the new history page for the NFL (Part 2)

Since the video was released online, not only Eagles fans, but American football fans throughout the United States have been sending messages of encouragement to Carli Lloyd to join the NFL. She is completely skilled enough to compete and make history.

Will NFL history change?

The event Carli Lloyd has just created is not only meaningful to her personally, but is expected to open a way for female athletes to advance to the professional playing field. For a long time, NFL has defaulted to be a playground for men. So while fans sent words of encouragement to Carli Lloyd, many professional players playing at the NFL spoke sarcastically.

Hidden in these ironic words, that encouragement is a heavy gender discrimination. In the middle of a country that promotes freedom like the United States, there is still injustice and discrimination between men and women, so the story of Carli Lloyd is considered to be a firecracker paving the way not only for female players to cuddle. dream to join the NFL, but also break the discrimination in the American sports industry in general.

Before Lloyd, a few female players tried to break the prejudice but failed. Becca Longo is a case in point. She was the first female to receive a football scholarship. Unfortunately, that’s all. Longo said that basically, she practiced vegetarian because until now, the whole class actively isolated Longo. They do not accept playing American football with women.

According to the US press, there were two American football teams playing at the NFL, who had invited Carli Lloyd to join. Famous player Tom Brady has also voiced support for Cardi and said that if she can afford, there is no reason to be rejected. Who knows, in the future, NFL will have a women’s tournament and the name Cardi Lloyd will forever be remembered as a pioneer.