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American football – the new direction of Chinese sports (part 2)

Creating a habit

China as well as most continents other than North America, watching European football (football or soccer of the US) is a familiar sport. China is also home to fans of teams like Manchester United, Arsenal, and Chelsea in the Premier League. It is certainly the first barrier that American football has to overcome to conquer this huge 1.4 billion market.

China has long been heavy in table tennis, track, and field, gymnastics and sports giving them a gold medal in the Olympics. It will be difficult for them to accept a new discipline with strange rules and high demands on fitness like American football.

In sports, it’s possible to see that basketball has built up quite a good name because Chinese people are very idolized by Yao Ming – the first basketball player to star in the NBA.

Also, the Chinese government’s policy to develop sports in both achievement and economy will be a significant “complementary medicine” for football in the country.

Since 2014, China has aggressively promoted sports into an economic focus, with development projects above 500% to reach USD 750 billion by 2025, accounting for 1.3% of GDP as expected. In this plan, Chinese President Xi Jinping also wishes to combine health training and social skills for the young Chinese generation.

General Director of CAFL – Gary Morris admitted: “The Chinese government told us that they want to see American football help Chinese boys become real men.”

To develop American football, of course, need investment, and this has to wait for Chinese entrepreneurs to enter. In the past two years, Chinese businesses have invested heavily in European football, buying teams in the Premier League, Spain or Serie A. That may take a long time to change.

American Football Tournaments

Super Bowl: America’s greatest event through speaking numbers (part 1)

Every year at the beginning of the year, the whole world has the opportunity to witness the Super Bowl final, an event that makes the whole United States crazy than the presidential election. Check out the most representative figures to learn more about this 51st Super Bowl.

Super Bowl LI is the championship of the National Football League (National Football League – NFL), the leading association of professional American football, since 1967 and usually held on the first Sunday of February.

For 50 years, Super Bowl is the most watched name in US television broadcasts. Super Cup Sunday of the Super Bowl is not only one of the biggest sporting events, but is even considered an American “national holiday”.

How was sport affected when Trump was elected President of the United States

International Richard Conway (BBC) commentator analyzes the impact of policy introduced by the new US president on the sport of this country and the world.

Due to the high viewership of about 100 million people, the cost of advertising on the Super Bowl screen is the most expensive of the year. Also because of the high advertising costs on the Super Bowl, companies have to invest a lot of money and money for their epic ads. With this investment, advertising is also considered one of the major parts of the Super Bowl event.

The 2015 Super Bowl is the most attractive American sports event in history with an average of 114.4 viewers on NBC. The climax of the event is at 20:30 – 21:00 (local time) with an average audience of 115.5 million.

Super Bowl

Interesting things about Super Bowl Halftime Show (Part 1)

Super Bowl HalfTime Show is known as a mid-break show in the American Super Cup Final. However, after 52 seasons, Super Bowl Halftime Show went far beyond the framework of the entertainment show, which became one of America’s most anticipated stages, the pride of leading artists when be a performer.

To learn about the surprises of the SuperBowl Halftime Show, let’s first learn about the Super Bowl tournament.

Super Bowl is the annual National League League (NFL – National Football League) annual championship match, the premier league of American football. from 1967 and is usually held on the first Sunday of February of the calendar, called Super Bowl Sunday (“Sunday Super Cup”).

In American culture, football is a king sport, so as soon as the Super Bowl was held, it became America’s most expensive television show. With an audience of hundreds of millions of people. Along with that, this is also the most expensive advertising attraction program in the US (there are pre-advertising tournaments that amounted to about 5 million for 30 seconds of broadcasting).

Eating Super Bowl, Super Bowl Halftime Show is known as a mid-break show in the American Super Cup Finals, which is not less attractive to the audience.

1991 – a milestone for the Super Bowl Halftime Show to become the most anticipated show of the year

Super Bowl midday music show The Halftime Show was part of the event since the first Super Bowl was held and aired in 1967. However, during the early Super Bowl Halftime Show, Super Bowl was held. At university stadiums throughout the United States, most performances will be performed by student bands, with typical names such as: Grambling (1967) and Up With People ( 1982).

 The Super Bowl venue is a university that also influences the pop music movement performed on the Halftime Show – a genre popular among young people in the United States and become the later Super Bowl tradition. From 1967 to 1990, Super Bowl Halftime Show programs are mostly “half-time”, with themes around the tournament and directly related to representative schools.

American Football Tournaments

Super Bowl – America’s important sporting event

In the United States, it’s not soccer but American Football is king of sport. Of which, we have to mention Super Bowl matches.

The Super Bowl, also known as the American Super Cup, is a competition between the NFL national championship team and the AFL champions. Every year, the Super Bowl is usually held on the first Sunday of February.

The National Football League (NFL) is known as the American football league which founded in 1920. It first called the American Professional Football Association (APFA) before renaming to National Football League since the 1922 season. the NFL agreed to join the American Football League (AFL) in 1966, and the first Super Bowl final was held at the end of that season. In the end, the two league matches were completed in 1970.

Not only does it mean a simple match, the Super Bowl still the most notable sporting event of the United States and has been exclusively broadcast by 3 of the 4 largest national TV channels every year. Many Super Bowl matches are the most watched TV event in the US with an average of 100 million views, of which the 2011 Super Bowl is the most watched live show in US television history, with 111 million watches.

With such a big attraction, Super Bowl also brings huge trade value. Only the largest advertising contracts were released in the middle of the game. For example, to get a rate of 30s ads on this year’s Super Bowl television show needs 5 million US dollars. Watching famous characters, discussing commercials and game shows along with Super Bowl is also an attractive spiritual dish for many audiences.

The annual break in the Super Bowl also features spectacular performances by top American entertainment stars, such as Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Katy Perry or Lady Gaga. And it is not wrong to say that Super Bowl matches are an important cultural sporting event, which has a significant impact on American life.

American Football News

American football – the new direction of Chinese sports (part 1)

In the sports sector reform, Chinese people will come here to receive American football as a new spiritual food.

October 1 saw a milestone of America football when this American “specialty” was officially introduced in the Chinese playground. More than 11,500 Chinese people came to watch the opening match of the American football championship in China, as a way to kick off the American sport in conquering fans in the mainland.

In the US, the word “Football” is very famous but not football originating from England, but football. If in the UK, the Premier League is the No. 1 league, the United States has the NFL (National Football League) with the NBA Basketball League (National Basketball Association).

In the first official introduction to China and the formation of a professional league, American football called China Arena Football League (CAFL), with 6 participating teams, including Beijing Lions, Shanghai Skywalkers, Guangzhou Power, Shenzhen Naja, Dalian Dragon Kings, and Qingdao Clipper. CAFL founder, Martin Judge, a US football tycoon, has begun planning to bring teams from the American Arena Football League to China since 2012.

In fact, there are no Chinese who are truly “professional” in American football, even though in the last few years there has been a movement to develop this sport at the amateur level. However, China has attached its local human resource development clause by registering 10 Chinese players, 10 American players out of the 20 players of each of the aforementioned CAFL teams.

In The Time’s writings or The Los Angeles Times, most American football fans admit they know nothing about the rules of the game, but feel excited. Speaking like David Niu – CAFL President, American football is often very exciting with sudden changes and matches always have high scores, usually a total of a few dozen goals, different from just “a few goals “or draw 0 – 0 like European football. In last weekend’s match, Shenzhen Naja won Dalian Dragon Kings with a score of 47-19.

American Football Players

Harry Kane wants to be an American football player

Harry Kane is a passionate fan of American football. Recently, the England striker has revealed his dream of playing in the American football league.

In an interview with ESPN, the Tottenham striker confirmed his desire to play in American football league.

Being only 25 years old, Harry Kane is increasingly playing an important role in both Tottenham and England. Is this the time when Kane suddenly becomes the star of the Three Lions?

“That’s true,” Harry Kane said of his wish to play in the NFL. “I can move to play there in the next 10-12 years. If I play in the Premier League, World Cup and then play American football in the NFL, I can be considered the greatest sports athlete of all time”, continued Harry Kane.

Harry Kane likes to play American football

Harry Kane said his motivation to play in the NFL stems from watching players like Tom Brady play. According to Kane, Tom Brady is his idol. There is a common point between Kane and Brady that when they were young, they were not appreciated but after that, they both achieved success.

“Not many people think Brady will become an outstanding American football player or even play in the NFL but he became the greatest football player. That really gave me motivation. Looking at him, that’s proof that anything can happen. If you have faith in yourself, desire and motivation, you can do it”, continued Harry Kane.

This season, Harry Kane has scored 17 goals in 26 Premier League appearances. With what was stated, Harry Kane could switch to playing American football after leaving his career. In American football, there is a position where the kicker is very suitable for Harry Kane. However, players in this position are often paid very low compared to players in other positions (about 1 million USD / year). However, Harry Kane also confirmed that his desire to play American football is not for money.

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American football world feared by the sudden increasing number of players’ death

The recent deaths of four French American football players are an “extraordinary increase”, according to Brett Gosper, Executive Director of World American football Association. Therefore, the organization has to present a 5-point injury prevention plan for 2019.

The above plan is specifically aimed at reviewing the tackle height rules to reduce vibration for players.

According to statistics, young players Louis Fajfrowski (21), Adrien Descrulhes (17), Nicolas Chauvin (18 years) and Nathan Soyeux (23) all died after being injured on the pitch. “We are heartbroken because of a series of fatal accidents,” Mr Gosper told AFP in an interview.

“For us, it’s a very unusual surge. Occasional deaths still occur in American football, as well as in all sports, antagonistic or non-antagonistic. However, we certainly never had to witness a series of such deaths of French American football, even football in any country”, Mr. Gosper stressed.

After the death of the young player Chauvin, Mr. Gosper and World American football President, Bill Beaumont, went to France to meet with officials of the federation and the government. “We have reviewed all of our terms,” ​​said World American football executive director. We have released statistics from around the world about significantly reducing the danger in this sport.

Although no one is comfortable with what happens on the field in specific incidents, I think we have come up with a wider global assessment of what happens in France so they understand that it is not easy. easily explain the atypical increase in recent deadly incidents. But in the context that the general direction is serious injury and death, this sport is really problematic.”

The French Rugby Federation (FFR) and the French Football Association responded by asking World American football to consider banning many players from taking part at the same time and lowering the height allowed to block from the shoulder down to the waist.

Accordingly, World American football has agreed to accelerate the 4-year law cycle, in which member associations propose changing ideas, and France will hold a symposium on injury prevention for 2 days 19 and 20.3, with the participation of health professionals, coaches and technical experts to promote “building welfare rules for players rather than building meaningful laws for the welfare of players.”

Copa America

TCL cooperates with South American Football Federation in Copa America 2019

Last February, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, TCL Electronic Group announced to become a regional partner of CONMEBOL Copa América Brasil 2019, one of the most influential and oldest international football championships in the world, started on June 14.

This is the latest collaboration of TCL Electronics Group in the category of high-end sports sponsorship worldwide, aimed at strengthening the relationship with the global sports community.

TCL’s collaboration with the 46th Copa América, with the participation of South American football teams including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela and two visiting teams from Asia, Japan and Qatar take effect from February 21, 2019 to December 31, 2019. This is TCL’s latest collaboration in a comprehensive, well-established sponsorship series, demonstrating a passion for connecting with developing sports communities and fulfilling their commitment to global consumers.

Neymar Jr. – Global TCL brand ambassador was unable to attend this year’s tournament due to a serious injury to his ankle. Despite this, the Brazilian team is still one of the brightest candidates for the 2019 Copa America championship. In the opening match on June 14, Brazil won Bolivia 3-0.

As the official partner of the tournament, TCL will also give brand awareness through pitch advertising, arbitration uniforms and VAR equipment. In addition, TCL will exclusively provide top-notch TV products in all match venues, allowing football fans to enjoy a realistic, high-resolution viewing experience.

TCL continues to invest in sports sponsorship activities, following the cooperation with global brand ambassador Neymar Jr. from early 2018 and cooperated with the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) in June 2018. The company’s other global sports partners include the Brazilian Football Federation (Brazil), Football Club. Rosario center (Argentina), San Jose Earthquakes football team, Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx of the NBA, Philippines Basketball Association (Philippines) with the goal of boosting the brand closer to the international sports community.

Statistics from January to May 2019, TCL sales of LCD TVs have increased to 13.41 million products; 24.2% increase over the previous year, sales of Smart TV and 4K TVs from January to May increased significantly to 10.79 million and 5.07 million products; 36.1% and 62.1% increase over the same period last year. TCL continues to provide users with products and services related to intelligent life, aiming to become a leading smart technology company.

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Japan pursues American football

Japanese American football coach Jamie Joseph said Wednesday his team was able to make history by approaching the quarterfinals at the World Cup next year.

The 2019 tournament organizers beat Georgia 28-0 last weekend to complete a busy month of home tests with a second win after a series split two matches against Italy.

This is the first time Japan has ranked 12th in the world, but it is the character shown by who came back after their second defeat to Italy that made the rare performance of the show.

“In Italian tests, we showed a glimpse of our American football brand – players who are confident and make great decisions,” former All Black told reporters.

Joseph said: “But the Georgia trial shows the commitment and alignment of the team, and we are starting to build exactly the type of character we need to prepare for the World Cup.”

Japan, once the boys whipping of the World Cup, posted three victories at the 2015 tournament according to England’s current coach Eddie Jones, including an astonishing 34-32 upset more than twice the champion South African world.

Their form fell shortly after Joseph took over in 2016 but the Japanese showed real improvement over the past year, especially during a 23-23 tango with France in Paris last November – a match they really should have won.

Joseph had a year of testing the dual mission after taking charge of Sunwolves in Tokyo, but he noted the Super American football competition to strengthen his players.

Japan put Ireland, Scotland, Russia and a play-off winner in Pool A at the World Cup next year but Joseph warned his players, they would need to stop admitting “soft” penalties if they hoped to reach the knockout stage.

American Football Tournaments

America’s proposal on the establishment of an intercontinental tournament was rejected

The South American Football Federation (CONMEBOL) has decided to reject the US proposal to establish a new intercontinental tournament in the Americas next year.

CONMEBOL said the reason for the rejection is because the intercontinental tournament will coincide with the Copa America and will not be approved by FIFA. Carlos Cordeiro – the head of the American Football Federation, had previously written to 10 federations of CONMEBOL to propose a new tournament plan that will feature the best teams from America and the Caribbean.

Under the proposal, the above-mentioned intercontinental tournament is very similar to the successfully organized Copa America Centenario 2016, which will be held at the same time as the European Championship (EURO) 2020. The New York Times said that nearly 200 million USD will be shared between invited teams and participating associations in the Americas. Besides, the champion league team will earn more than 11 million USD.

However, in a letter to Cordeiro, the head of CONMEBOL Alejandro Dominguez said that there would be many difficulties in logistics. “The lack of FIFA approval and scheduling of the Intercontinental Prize in 2020, an essential condition for the organization to make CONMEBOL and its member unions unable to accept the invitation,” AFP quoted CONMEBOL’s letter.

Mr Dominguez also expressed surprise that the US proposal was “immediately after CONCACAF rejected the invitation to join the Copa America 2020″. He also complained that the American Football Association and Mexico were disappointed when they rejected the 2019 Copa America invitation in Brazil.

After the Brazilian event, CONMEBOL plans to transfer Copa America to the EURO 2020 schedule. No country has yet decided to host the Copa America 2020. Meanwhile, CONCACAF welcomes the US proposal, when it says the intercontinental tournament will benefit the Gold Cup – which is the biggest tournament in this region.