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Mark Ingram missed the second training session in a row due to a calf injury

The Reds On average a pitch rushes 201.6 leagues per game during the regular season, but they may not start running again for Saturday’s group stage match against the Tennessee Giants.

Despite the final two weeks of rest, Mark ingram missed training on both Tuesday and Wednesday due to a calf injury he suffered in week 16.

According to Ingram’s NFL Ian Rapoport “felt a bit tense” and “pulled back to avoid injury” on Tuesday. Rapoport added that Ingram “had a chance to play” on Saturday. When the crow’s head coach, John Harbaugh was asked about his condition, he refused.

Last Friday, Harbaugh said he hoped Ingram would completely speed up training during this week, but that obviously didn’t happen. With Baltimore’s first debate game just three days away, his condition on Saturday is in doubt.

“Day after day, so we’ll see,” said attack coordinator Greg Roman, via the Raven official website. “But that’s how it plays out in this tournament. Be ready to adapt and adjust when it happens, just like in the course of a game.”

Ingram rushed in to make 1,018 yards and 10 touches this season, second in the team behind midfielder Lamar jackson. It marks the third time Ingram has rushed to run at least 1,000 yards in a season in his nine years in the tournament.

If Ingram can’t go this weekend, we can expect Gus Edwards to take his place in the starting lineup.

“I was prepared for whatever they gave me. I hope it will be very much,” Edwards said. “I like to carry the ball. I just need to be mentally prepared, my body ready and I’ll be ready when my name is called.”

The second year rushed back for 711 yards and twice touched the ball on 133 to bring this season. Last year, this American football player became the first rookie of the Baltimore team to run more than 100 meters in consecutive games since Jamal Lewis did it back in 2000.

Ingram‘s inactivity on Saturday would obviously not be ideal for Baltimore, but the Reds are likely to be replaceable in both Edwards and rookie Hill of Justice.