American Football Tournaments

How the National Football League become a gigantic business (Part 2)

In fact, American football is just a simple game on a rectangular grass field (or in recent years a yard with artificial grass surface). Two teams of 11 people ran back and forth on the field for 60 minutes, trying to score as many goals as possible. They do this by holding, passing, kicking or throwing an oval ball into a “restricted area” protected by the opposing player.

Naturally, as with most activities of this type, there are many situations that complicate the process and increase the excitement for the audience to understand the rules of the subject.

For Americans, football is better, football is more resistant and … “violent” than football

The sport of playing both hands and feet with today’s American football ball has a history dating back to the late 19th century. It was recognized that the first real match in the United States was a game in New Jersey in 1869. In that match, Rutgers defeated Princeton with a score of 6-4, although the differences and similarities between the 1869 match and today’s matches are really numerous.

There are extremely fierce matches and the winner is the person who scores the highest number of goals. At the same time each side has 25 players, who can only touch the ball with their feet or with their heads.

Different rules still apply depending on the specific match, until a standard rule was introduced in 1873. A schedule was also created at the same time for teams at Princeton and Rutgers, as well. like in Yale and Columbia. The American Football Law at that time began to be strengthened.

The first matches were extremely violent and led to countless serious injuries, even deaths. This reminded President Theodore Roosevelt in 1905 to make immediate changes and to have a greater vision in matches. After that, the safety requirements were increased and the matches were monitored more closely. This led to the birth of the National Student Sports Federation (NCAA), which also initiated the post-season wooden football matches that are still popular today.