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How does the boss of Atlanta American football team spend money? (Part 2)

This sporty “uncle” who is over 70 years old is not the first to swing hundreds of millions of dollars to buy luxury yachts in American rugby village. Earlier, Dan Snyder, owner of Washington Redskins, spent $ 100 million to own a yacht 305 feet (over 92.9 meters) with a weird theater of his own accord.

Jerry Jones – owner of the Dallas Cowboys club also splashed out tons of money without pity. The 76-year-old billionaire like Arthur Bank spent 250 million dollars to buy a 357-foot yacht with 2 heliports, steam room, gym and cool room. -xa which he named after his wife who has lived for more than 50 years with her – Mrs. Gene Jones.

Besides being known as one of the richest bosses in the NFL, Arthur Blank also attracted public opinion with a rather complicated private life. He was married three times and had six children together with his first two wives (all divorced). The third wife is also preparing to complete the divorce procedure with this billionaire.

Arthur Blank has many wives and many children

On February 9, 2016, Athur Blank revealed to his media that he had prostate cancer. But on March 17 of that year, he announced that he had recovered after successfully treating the disease.

Meanwhile, the “Godfather” of another American football club charged with prostitution

Kraft was one of 24 men accused of buying sex by police, New England Patriots club owner appeared in the Spa shop for several days. For his part, the president of the Robert Club denied any accusations of the functional side and ceded the right to confront lawyers.

Kraft’s lawyers have condemned the act of placing police underground cameras when employers and employees are unaware. The police said they had placed the camera on January 18 and that they have just released evidence.

This is obviously an unhappy information for the New England Patriots club, as the image of the chairman and team will be greatly affected.

Billionaire Robert Kraft is the president and chief executive of Kraft Group, a diversified paper, packaging, sports and entertainment corporation. Robert this year turns 77, estimated he owns nearly 7 billion dollars.