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Genius Sports to aid in the new American football league

The brand-new American football league – The XFL that will launch in America next month, has signed one integrity monitoring deal with sports technology and data provider Genius Sports.

Under their multi-year integrity partnership, this Genius Sports will try their best towards safeguarding the new league, which is backed by the chairman and founder of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) – Vince McMahon.

Genius Sports plan on monitoring all pre-game as well as live betting markets to provide the XFL with visibility into wagering on its games, aside from giving alerts and analysis of every significant odds movement.

As one beginning point, during the centralized training camp of the XFL this month in Texas, Houston, Genius Sports will hold integrity workshops with players, coaches as well as game officials to give them advice about avoiding any betting-related misconduct.

Not all, Genius Sports will help the XFL to know better about projected levels of betting on games as well as establishing one process for reporting potential problems and potentially assisting in investigations.

XFL coaches, players, officials, teams as well as league executives will be given one customized e-learning portal outlining obligations and regulations concerning betting, too.

“Sports betting has proliferated in the US, and these days we are preparing to be a good citizen as well as a thoughtful participant in the marketplace,” the XFL’s president and chief officer of operating – Jeffrey Pollack said. “Our alliance with Genius Sports should be one important first step as well as the foundational element.”

Steven Burton – Genius Sports managing director, added: “The XFL has proven an exemplary commitment to saving the integrity of its games. Here, we are proud to be a partner with the dynamic league as well as looking forward to helping the XFL gain benefits from increased fan avidity by involving with the nascent American sports betting industry.”