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Christian Pulisic – A change in the face of American football

Christian Pulisic doesn’t just open up one of the new things. That he gave up his sex guide to the Talent 20 Download is one of our two talents. In 2005, Mark Pulisic thought about his intention to bring the whole family to England to settle down.

His wife who is Mrs. Kelley was invited to England to work as a teacher for cultural exchange for 12 months. In fact, his wife’s work was not the biggest reason why Mark was so determined to come to England.

His son, Christian Pulisic, was a child who loved football. “It would be great if our children could experience the atmosphere in the world football cradle,” Mark told himself.

From the age of 4, Christian Pulisic has shown football talent. Pulisic is a member of the Gunners FC movement in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

In the memory of his parents, Pulisic could not sit still. Just 10 minutes waiting for the bus, Pulisic will pull the ball out. The days of waiting for the weekend, he forced his mother to be a “wall”, passing back and forth for 1-2 to be less sad.

So Mark was determined to go to England. He accrued a sum of money for 9 years training the Lebanon Valley University women’s team to register for UEFA coaching course A.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Christian Mate Pulisic

Mr. Mark only sees the days in the UK as a valuable living capital that no money can buy. but he never dreamed of a future as a player for Christian. At times, the couple even thought Christian would become a professional athlete of another sport. In addition to football, Christian has a special talent in basketball, athletics and golf.

Mr. Mark always takes the initiative in creating space for children to develop naturally. And will only truly embark on a revolution if Pulisic shows his will to pursue passion to the end.