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China – New Market For American Football (Part 1)

In June of 2017 Tom Brady -New England Patriots quarterback visited two cities in China as part of an Under Armour promotional trip and he considered this experience as one of the great highlights of his life.

Brady eagerly told Patriots owner Robert Kraft that There was a lot of interest in the game in China and a lot of people who love and appreciate American football.

China has a population of about 1.4 billion and a per capita GDP of $8,800, is an attractive setting as the NFL, which has set a goal of $25 billion by 2027 (last season it generated about $15 billion), tries to grow the game further.

Ron Jaworski former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback and an investor in the China Arena Football League (CAFL) said that it was a great market.

in China soccer is the most attractive sport, and basketball ranks second, but football still stands in the top 10 of the sports system. In 1908, visiting U.S. Navy sailors played football in Xiamen and it is the origins of the sport.

In 2008, one year after its first regular-season game in England as part of a 15-year initiative to have the ability of having a full-time presence in London, the NFL launched an office in China.

Five years ago there are 400 players and eight teams who played football in China but now more than 3,000 adults play on 76 organized recreational league tackle teams. Thirty of the 34 provinces in China have at least one adult football team or youth training program.

Penn is the first Ivy League team which play a football game in China, trounced the All-Stars 85-0. Despite their victory, Penn head coach Ray Priore said there were a handful of players with the capabilities who can play on his team and the talent his Quakers faced was belied the lopsided score.