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Who will be the Super Bowl 2020 headliner

Recently, the US-UK music lover community is buzzing about the news that Shakira will be the singer who takes on the ‘host’ role of the Super Bowl 2020. Besides, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez are also two characters who are known for their important positions at this prestigious event. Whether in these 3 heavy faces, who will be the best fit for the important position at the Super Bowl 2020?

With a collection of hit songs of a stirring collectiveness such as: Waka Waka, Hips Don’t Lie, La La La … Shakira has more than enough to blow up the stadium with this huge capacity. Not to mention, with the wild and liberal Latin music, Shakira will make many people go crazy because of his hot dance.

Shakira is known as the golden girl in the ‘cheering’ village when every World Cup season, the singer releases a song with the ability to spread sports love to everyone. With Super Bowl 2020, Shakira is a worthy name and promises to bring the top stage in the spirit of this prestigious event.

Absent for a few years in the music industry, imagine if Rihanna suddenly appeared on the Super Bowl 2020 stage and brought a whole new series of songs. With a huge hit store including hit EDM songs such as This Is What You Came For, Only Girl, We Found Love, … The Barbados singer will definitely make all audiences crazy because of the performances.

Recently, rumors of Rihanna preparing to re-release the music industry with a brand new album are causing many people to stand still. Maybe she had the honor to be booked for a monumental comeback on stage Super Bowl 2020?

The third name on this list is undoubtedly the ‘disco queen’ Jennifer Lopez. With her inherent beauty, talent and popularity, the ‘big sister’ of the world music industry is also a quite perfect option for leading the stage of the Super Bowl 2020. She owns famous hits like On The Floor, Papi, Ain’t Your Mama, … Certainly hundreds of thousands of viewers will burst out of joy when watching Jennifer Lopez explode on stage.

Besides, with the usual luxurious style, maybe Jennifer Lopez will bring to the Super Bowl 2020 stage a splendid and artistic concept. With the experience of performing in the ‘senior’ Jennifer Lopez completely left to take on the key role at the most prestigious event.

The most worthy names have gradually emerged, in your opinion, who will be the most suitable person to take on the role of the 2020 Super Bowl?

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Defeating the Patriots, the Philadelphia Eagles won the first Super Bowl

The 41-33 victory over New England Patriots helped “Eagles” become the new champion of American football.

The Philadelphia Eagles were underestimated by the New England Patriots before the final match of the season. The Patriots has an experienced squad, a midfielder considered to be the best in Tom Brady history and was the defending champion before entering the Super Bowl.

However, defender Brandon Graham was the one who put the end to the Patriots with a mighty breakthrough to win the ball in the hands of Tom Brady, helping the Eagles end the match with a score of 41-33. This was the first Super Bowl championship in the club’s history after three NFL national championships in 1948, 1949 and 1960.

Midfielder Nick Foles led his team-mates through four chases with the Patriots to win the Super Bowl Player of the Year (MVP) title. This is hardly expected when Foles arrived in Philadelphia in March 2017 as a backup player. It was not until the 14th round that the midfielder in 1989 was allowed to enter the football field in place of Carson Wentz. In the Super Bowl, Foles successfully passed 28 times out of 43 pitches, creating three touches at the end of the pitch.

Foles overcame the shadow of Tom Brady, who won five Super Bowl and four times was voted MVP. In the match that Brady did not perform well, the loopholes of the Patriots defense made them pay the price. The direct throws of the ball into the middle of Foles and the ability to break through from LeGarrette Blount and Corey Clement opened the victory for the Eagles.

Eagles’ defense, meanwhile, has had an excellent day as most of this season. The Graham situation caused Brady to drop the ball and let Derek Barnett win when the game was only about two minutes away when the fans in Philadelphia saw the Super Bowl title.

Super Bowl

Benefits Superbowl bring to American economy (Part 1)

Everytime Super Bowl takes place while audiances wait for the result of the match, the business related to the tournament is waiting to see the revenue results.

Hundreds of millions of American people witness the Superbowl. For a long time, the Superbowl has become a festival for football fans, but it is also a festival of every locality, each type of business related to the match.

According to CBS News, the first is TV companies. Superbowl has long been the most watched program on American television. Initially, this match was held on Saturday but many people had to go to work. From 1950, Superbowl was assigned on the first Sunday of February every year. So, many people arrange schedules to watch the match.

According to Time’s statistics, due to the reasonable time of the match, an average of 1 in 3 Americans in front of the TV, therefore, the price for advertising rates also increased. From the first Superbowl, 30 seconds of advertising costs only $ 40,000, but in recent years, NBC channel offered a price of not less than $ 4.5 million.

Ms. Amy Avery, advertising agency Droga5 said: “People always love collective activities. When watching Super Bowl together, you’re not just entertaining, but also interacting with each other, looking for things. We are creating emotions “.

Emotion is the way to help ads hit the psychology of users. Brands like Coca Cola or McDonald’s are so familiar every year, they still occupy an expensive advertising spot because they need to maintain a good impression in the minds of consumers at every event like this.

The influence of Super Bowl is huge. About 110 million viewers watched the prestigious Oscar award ceremony, only 34 million. But according to experts, advertising this event is even more important.

In the age of Facebook, Twitter and Internet communications in general, the power of the Super Bowl with consumers still helps to pull back the appeal of television advertising.

Super Bowl

Super Bowl Halftime Show: half an hour from stage setup to performance

The length of a break in football is usually 12 minutes. However, when the Super Bowl Halftime Show was upgraded to a musical stage, the length of the performance was raised to 30 minutes of both stage assembly and dismantling.

Not only is a dream stage of artists, Super Bowl Halftime Show will also become the stage for the directors and agencies’ events to be the one when the challenge of execution time of stage items, sound, light, visual, performance and cleanup will only take place in exactly 30 minutes.

Lady Gaga’s SuperBowl Halftime Show 51 opening is supported by dozens of American flag-shaped helicopters and turned into a pigeon shape before she flew from the stadium roof to the stage to continue her performance. Sound, lighting, stage effects, vocals and support from the LED team below the stands overwhelmed Americans with the investment in the performances at Super Bowl Halftime Show. Lady Gaga, after Michael Jackson, was enrolled in the best Super Bowl performances of all time. Even Hilary Clinton praised Laydy Gaga’s performance on her Twiter page.

In 2015, Katy Perry after performing at Super Bowl Halftime XLIX (Roman numerical writing of 49, which represents the Super Bowl for the 49th time) right on the arm to remember a milestone in her career.

If anyone has ever seen the documentary about the behind-the-scenes stories of Katy Perry’s performance at Super Bowl 49, people can feel the pace, the rhythmic coordination of the backstage teams. At the life performance of the voice “Roar”, there are about 10 tons of stage equipment divided into 25 different parts and more than 600 people do assembly tasks within 6 minutes only. And the show lasted 12 minutes, so the backstage team only had about 8 minutes left to dismantle and transport all the equipment, returning the ground for the athletes to compete in the next round.

Although the half-hour performance only takes more than 10 minutes, but from the preparation, the investment in the image and the expectations of the American people about the king sport, Super Bowl Halftime Show will be recorded with many spectacular, elaborate and beautiful performances.

Super Bowl

Super Bowl: America’s greatest event through speaking numbers (part 2)

The attraction of the event has yet to diminish when the 51st Super Bowl is expected to bring Fox to 188.5 million views, a number far superior to any other US television show.

With an increasing number of viewers, the amount of money spent on advertising that appeared during Super Bowl events also followed that “escalation”. According to AdWeek, if at the first Super Bowl event, brands had to spend $ 1,333 per second of advertising, this year, that number increased to $ 160,000.

In American football’s history, Pittsburgh Steelers is the most successful team with six Super Bowl championships in 1975, 1976, 1979, 1980, 2006 and 2009.

Meanwhile, there are 4 NFL teams with poor achievements, never attended the Super Bowl finals including Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars, Houston Texans.

Tom Brady is the most prominent and outstanding name in contemporary football. This 40-year-old boy, despite his peak, is still the frightening quarterback of the New England Patriots. This is the seventh time he participated in the Super Bowl, the most of all NFL players.

Super Bowl champion will be awarded each with a glorious ring. It is known that the Denver Broncos ring received after winning in 2016 has a total of 212 diamonds on each.

Besides the ring, the prestigious Vince Lombardy trophy is also a reward for the excellent team to win the Super Bowl. This cup is 56 cm high, made of 7 lbs (3,175 kg) of pure silver. Responsible for production by Tiffany & Co.

According to data from National Retail Federation, the average person who visits the Super Bowl for the 51th time will spend about 75 USD on souvenirs or food and water. The total proceeds from trading activities around the event can reach $ 14.1 billion.

Super Bowl

Super Bowl Halftime Show – The prestigious stage of all time

The American people have a saying: not all Americans watch music, but every American sees Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is celebrated as a national holiday in the United States. Therefore, the Super Bowl Halftime Show has become a prestigious stage for famous artists, even exceed the Grammy.

The National Football League (NFL) has revealed that LI’s Super Bowl Halftime Show, with Lady Gaga’s appearance, is “the most watched music event of all time and reached 150 million audiances watching through television.

In 1991, the landmark of Super Halftime Show became the most anticipated show of the year when the sponsors of big brands, typically Pepsi, participated. So Super Bowl Halftime Show is invested in a larger, more promotional – entertaining and more distinct musical color. The program continuously invited to the stage of big music stars such as Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake … The venue was also transferred to prestigious stadiums containing up to a hundred million people.

Also from the time when Super Bowl Halftime Show was raised to the music stage of famous singers, not only Pop but also music types like Rock and EDM were also expressed by artists. Musical personalities appear on the stage in turn to bring more messages about America (religion, race, other social problems) and the message of love to the King sport. This is also the reason why Super Bowl Halftime Show has become more and more attractive, especially with the era of technology development like today.

Super Bowl Halftime Show does not award and it does not recognize the achievements of the artists. But when you are  invited to perform at the Super Bowl, all the United States people will know. Not to mention, the performance is combined with the designed stage and the explosive, high-tech convergence will mark the boldness of the American people. For example, Lady Gaga‘s performance at the 51th Super Bowl Halftime Show (2017). She began the opening of the stadium’s rooftop show with two songs “God Bless America” ​​and “This Land is Your Land”.

Super Bowl

Interesting things about Super Bowl Halftime Show (Part 1)

Super Bowl HalfTime Show is known as a mid-break show in the American Super Cup Final. However, after 52 seasons, Super Bowl Halftime Show went far beyond the framework of the entertainment show, which became one of America’s most anticipated stages, the pride of leading artists when be a performer.

To learn about the surprises of the SuperBowl Halftime Show, let’s first learn about the Super Bowl tournament.

Super Bowl is the annual National League League (NFL – National Football League) annual championship match, the premier league of American football. from 1967 and is usually held on the first Sunday of February of the calendar, called Super Bowl Sunday (“Sunday Super Cup”).

In American culture, football is a king sport, so as soon as the Super Bowl was held, it became America’s most expensive television show. With an audience of hundreds of millions of people. Along with that, this is also the most expensive advertising attraction program in the US (there are pre-advertising tournaments that amounted to about 5 million for 30 seconds of broadcasting).

Eating Super Bowl, Super Bowl Halftime Show is known as a mid-break show in the American Super Cup Finals, which is not less attractive to the audience.

1991 – a milestone for the Super Bowl Halftime Show to become the most anticipated show of the year

Super Bowl midday music show The Halftime Show was part of the event since the first Super Bowl was held and aired in 1967. However, during the early Super Bowl Halftime Show, Super Bowl was held. At university stadiums throughout the United States, most performances will be performed by student bands, with typical names such as: Grambling (1967) and Up With People ( 1982).

 The Super Bowl venue is a university that also influences the pop music movement performed on the Halftime Show – a genre popular among young people in the United States and become the later Super Bowl tradition. From 1967 to 1990, Super Bowl Halftime Show programs are mostly “half-time”, with themes around the tournament and directly related to representative schools.