Facts about American Football

Carli Lloyd, who wrote the new history page for the NFL (Part 3)

Does NFL agree to allow women to play?

According to the National Football League (NFL) spokesman, Greg Aiello, the NFL rules have no gender restrictions on players. “The NFL has no rules banning female players from playing. The condition to become an NFL player is to graduate from high school and have the skills to play football, ”Aiello said. That said, Carli Lloyd is perfectly qualified to play in the NFL.

Carli Lloyd once wore a coat … Man City

In 2007, Carli Lloyd joined the Man City women’s team on loan. Along with the Green Man, Carli Lloyd won the FA Cup women’s version. She was the one who scored the goal in the final. Unfortunately, Carli Lloyd’s loan period at Man City ended quite sad. She hit the elbow in the face of Annie Heatherson (Yeovil Town) and was suspended until the end of the loan.

It was Carli Lloyd Insider’s statement aimed at people, doubting her ability to invade American football. Lloyd said that she used to be a professional player, scoring many goals in a difficult position, so the movement of taking just two momentum in the NFL is not challenging at all.

Wife kicking football, husband playing golf

Carli Lloyd‘s husband is Brian Hollins, a professional golfer. They are friends high school and marriage in the summer of 2016. The couple celebrated a simple wedding ceremony in Mexico under the witness mainly relatives and friends. Lloyd once wrote on his personal Instagram that marrying a sports person made it easy for her to understand.

Unforgettable memories on stage

In July of this year, Jennifer Lopez appeared at the ceremony to honor the American football team after the world championship. On stage, the popular singer known as J.Lo gave Lloyd a special gift to pay tribute to her, the first female player to score in 6 consecutive World Cup finals. It is a famous lap dance based on If You Had My Love, J.Lo’s debut song in 1999.