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Carli Lloyd, who wrote the new history page for the NFL (Part 2)

Since the video was released online, not only Eagles fans, but American football fans throughout the United States have been sending messages of encouragement to Carli Lloyd to join the NFL. She is completely skilled enough to compete and make history.

Will NFL history change?

The event Carli Lloyd has just created is not only meaningful to her personally, but is expected to open a way for female athletes to advance to the professional playing field. For a long time, NFL has defaulted to be a playground for men. So while fans sent words of encouragement to Carli Lloyd, many professional players playing at the NFL spoke sarcastically.

Hidden in these ironic words, that encouragement is a heavy gender discrimination. In the middle of a country that promotes freedom like the United States, there is still injustice and discrimination between men and women, so the story of Carli Lloyd is considered to be a firecracker paving the way not only for female players to cuddle. dream to join the NFL, but also break the discrimination in the American sports industry in general.

Before Lloyd, a few female players tried to break the prejudice but failed. Becca Longo is a case in point. She was the first female to receive a football scholarship. Unfortunately, that’s all. Longo said that basically, she practiced vegetarian because until now, the whole class actively isolated Longo. They do not accept playing American football with women.

According to the US press, there were two American football teams playing at the NFL, who had invited Carli Lloyd to join. Famous player Tom Brady has also voiced support for Cardi and said that if she can afford, there is no reason to be rejected. Who knows, in the future, NFL will have a women’s tournament and the name Cardi Lloyd will forever be remembered as a pioneer.