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Best fantasy waiver choices for Week Ten

Unless otherwise noted, solely players that are owned in fewer than fifty percent of Yahoo leagues accounted for.

Ronald Jones, RB, Buccaneers. Jones got his initial beginning of the year in Week nine and ran a team-high eighteen times for sixty seven yards and a score. He also added fifteen yards on two receptions. Above all, Peyton Barber solely received four carries and did not play a lot outside of 1 drive. It seems that Jones has finally seized the “lead back” — one thing we’ve thought before. If Jones will keep obtaining 15-plus touches, he is worth going forward, beginning next week against the Cardinals.

Zach Pascal, WR, Colts. Pascal managed to lead a balanced Colts passing attack with six targets on Sunday, catching 5 for seventy six yards and a touchdown. As long as T.Y. Hilton (calf) is out (which ought to be a minimum of a few additional weeks), Pascal is that the WR for Indy. Once Hilton was out at Week four, Pascal caught four-of-seven targets for seventy two yards. He is the snaps leader (outside Hilton) among the Colts’ WR corps, and he provides a suitable combination of red-zone threat and middle-of-the-field target. Chester Rogers (five targets) as well as Parris Campbell (five targets) each might be value-adding in deeper leagues.

DeVante Parker, WR, Dolphins. You may not pay attention; however, Parker is finally getting the breakout season that fantasy owners are anticipating. He had a four-catch, 57-yard, one-TD performance in Week nine, marking the fourth time within the last 5 games during which he has scored. Sure, garbage time helps. However, that will be a recurring thing for the Dolphins and Parker. He works to average more than six targets per game, and that is enough for him to pay off as a WR3 most weeks.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Carolina Panthers hit London in NFL Week 6

In this Week 6 game Carolina and Tampa Bay face off for the second time this season. In London NFC South match-up takes place in the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium where Tampa Bay are the nominated home team. The Week 2 game between these franchises has the result that the Bucs now sit with a 2-3 record and in a surprise 20-14 win.

The Panthers opened their season when their star quarterback Cam Newton missing out through injury hasn’t played since, so backup quarterback Kyle Allen has stepped up to the mark including the Bucs they had two home losses. MVP candidate Christian McCaffrey who is doing more than his fair share in the rushing and receiving stakes has been helped. In his three winning regular season games to date the undrafted free agent has thrown 0 interceptions and 5 touchdowns.

McCaffrey’s only blip coming in that Week 2 loss to the Bucs has been other worldly this season. In his last three games he is averaging over 200 yards of offense. The Bucs struggle to restrict McCaffrey to 37 yards rush defense is 3rd best in the league, but they will like they did in their first meeting.

For the first time since 199, the 49ers have started 4-0. They finished a fourth Vince Lombardi Trophy and a regular season record of 14-2 the season to add to their collection. Jerry Rice and Joe Montana leading the 49ers to five Super Bowl victories within 13 seasons were the key duo back in those days.

Deebo Samuel and Jimmy Garoppolo may not be as feared as that Hall of Fame pairing by defensive coordinators, but nonetheless to the 2019 season they have made a good start. On Monday night they made a statement, beating 31-3 the Cleveland Browns. Though this altogether will be a different test. In the last two seasons they have a combined 2-10 record against their divisional rivals and Los Angeles Rams NFC champions have more than enough firepower to give the first loss of the season to the 49ers.

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Carli Lloyd, who wrote the new history page for the NFL (Part 2)

Since the video was released online, not only Eagles fans, but American football fans throughout the United States have been sending messages of encouragement to Carli Lloyd to join the NFL. She is completely skilled enough to compete and make history.

Will NFL history change?

The event Carli Lloyd has just created is not only meaningful to her personally, but is expected to open a way for female athletes to advance to the professional playing field. For a long time, NFL has defaulted to be a playground for men. So while fans sent words of encouragement to Carli Lloyd, many professional players playing at the NFL spoke sarcastically.

Hidden in these ironic words, that encouragement is a heavy gender discrimination. In the middle of a country that promotes freedom like the United States, there is still injustice and discrimination between men and women, so the story of Carli Lloyd is considered to be a firecracker paving the way not only for female players to cuddle. dream to join the NFL, but also break the discrimination in the American sports industry in general.

Before Lloyd, a few female players tried to break the prejudice but failed. Becca Longo is a case in point. She was the first female to receive a football scholarship. Unfortunately, that’s all. Longo said that basically, she practiced vegetarian because until now, the whole class actively isolated Longo. They do not accept playing American football with women.

According to the US press, there were two American football teams playing at the NFL, who had invited Carli Lloyd to join. Famous player Tom Brady has also voiced support for Cardi and said that if she can afford, there is no reason to be rejected. Who knows, in the future, NFL will have a women’s tournament and the name Cardi Lloyd will forever be remembered as a pioneer.

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Gardner enjoys the latest win with the NFL Cougs

GARDNER MINSHEW proved to be efficient again since the Jacksonville Jaguars had beaten the New York Jets (i.e., 29-15) last Sunday. The former star from Washington State went 22-of-34 with three tosses of scoring. Also, it came with a particular history.

Plus, the second-straight week witnessed the rookie cult hero has outrushed the top ball carrier of the opposing team, with 28 yards. The rushing number of Minshew is not a ton. It also spoke to how he could buy time, owing to his excellent mobility and guile.

The shining moment of Minshew, with the dual-threat wares, came at the fourth quarter’s 4:13 mark. He scrambled to his right before throwing a strike to Chark for the eight-yard score. It managed to seal the deal against the Jets.

The win made the Jaguars remain within a wild card berth’s striking distance in the American Football Conference.   


JOE DAHL fails to have a cult following similar to Minshew. Still, his job is essential to the success of his team. 

IN THE SAME GAME, Deone Bucannon – outside linebacker, made the debut for the Giants. Deone was credited with a tackle. That said, it tells a lot about football acumen of the former Cougar that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers released him last Wednesday, and was in the defensive rotation of the Giants by Sunday. 

THE ROOKIE Andre Dillard had his second-straight beginning at left tackle and protected the blind side of QB Carson Wentz in its win over the Buffalo Bills. However, he struggled against the defensive front in pass protection. 

JALEN THOMPSON could not enjoy a win in Arizona’s loss to New Orleans. That said, he saw some success on Sunday. The Cardinal safety flew across the SuperDome field. The swift safety got six tackles, inclusive of four solo stops.  

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American Football is frightened by the number of dead players

The recent deaths of four American Football players have been an abnormal increase. World American Football CEO – Brett Gosper presents a 5-point injury prevention plan for 2019.

The above plan specifically aims to revise the rules of tackle height to reduce shocks for the players. According to statistics, youngsters Louis Fajfrowski (21), Adrien Descrulhes (17), Nicolas Chauvin (18) and Nathan Soyeux (23) all died after suffering injuries on the pitch. “We are heartbroken because of a series of fatal accidents”, Gosper told AFP in an interview.

“For us, it is a very unusual spike. Deaths occasionally occur in American Football, as in all sports, antagonistic or non-antagonistic. However, we certainly have never witnessed such a series of deaths of French football, even of football in any country”, Mr. Gosper emphasized. 

After the death of the young Chauvin, Gosper and World American Football President Bill Beaumont traveled to France to meet with federation and government officials. “We went over all our terms”, ​​said the World American Football executive. “We have released statistics from around the world to significantly reduce the dangers of this sport. Although no one is comfortable with what happens on the pitch during specific incidents, I think we have given a more global assessment of what happened in France so they understand that it is not easily explain the atypical increase of the recent fatal incidents. But in the context that the general direction is serious injury and death, the sport is really problematic”.

The French Football Federation and the French Rugby Association responded by asking World American Football to consider banning multiple players from blocking at the same time and lowering the height allowed to prevent from the shoulders. down to the waist. Accordingly, World American Football has agreed to accelerate the 4-year law cycle, in which member associations propose ideas to change, and France will hold a symposium on injury prevention in 2 days 19 and 20.3, with the participation of health experts, coaches and technical experts to promote the development of a welfare law for players rather than formulating a law that has a meaning for the welfare of players.

The Australian official added that the five-point plan includes a law review, a plan to encourage good practice between the club and the country, injury monitoring, and a start-up program to prevent injuries in the match and training of the breakout skills training has been launched.

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China – New Market For American Football (Part 4)

There are more than 30,000 Chinese children under age 12 who regularly take part in organized youth football training programs, and by 2020 that number is expected to exceed 120,000. More and more young Chinese people are now growing up around the game.

125 enthusiastic boys and girls from ages 6 to 12 are guided through throwing and catching fundamentals on the morning before the Ambassadors Bowl in Lokomotiv Stadium by Penn coaches and players.

Priore said that it was amazing and so powerful.

The Patriots are the most popular team in China, according to Young but Brady is not the only NFL player who have visited China. Russell Wilson also traveled there twice, including in 2017, the same year which the football opportunities are raved by Brady in China. Hall of Famers Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders and Joe Montana have held clinics.

Brady said that it would be great to grow this kind of sport. He added that he was sure the NFL has to do a lot of things in order to make the trip over there for the teams which took obviously a big commitment to make

Besides, Young was more measured, saying that the NFL wants to build a long-term strategy rather than focusing on one historic contest. The NFL would be honored to stage one in China even though there is no timetable for a game. Young said that they wanted to have the foundation of the sport growth. They here for hundreds of years, not for five years or 10 years.

American football is expected to be a leading sport in China for the next decade, and in 2007 it was believed that a preseason game between Seattle Seahawks and Patriots was held in China by the NFL and the Los Angeles Rams almost played against San Francisco 49ers during a 2018 season game in China.

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American football rejected a proposal to establish an intercontinental tournament

The South American Football Federation (CONMEBOL) decided to reject the US proposal to establish a new intercontinental tournament in the Americas next year.

The South American Football Federation said the reason for the refusal is because the intercontinental tournament will be the same time as Copa America and will not be accepted by FIFA. Carlos Cordeiro – head of the American Football Confederation, previously wrote to 10 confederations of CONMEBOL to propose a new tournament plan featuring the best teams from North, Central and South America as well as the Caribbean.

According to the proposal, the aforementioned intercontinental tournament is very similar to the 2016 Copa America Centenario which was successfully held in the US, which will be held at the same time with the European Championship (EURO) 2020. The New York Times reported The proposed $ 200 million guarantee will be shared between guest teams and federations in the Americas. Besides, the champions of the tournament will earn more than 11 million USD.

However, in a letter to Cordeiro, the head of CONMEBOL, Alejandro Dominguez, said that there would be many difficulties in logistics. “The lack of approval and scheduling by FIFA of the Intercontinental League 2020, an essential condition for the organization made CONMEBOL and its member associations unable to accept the invitation”, AFP quoted a letter from CONMEBOL.

Mr. Dominguez also expressed his surprise when the US proposal was made “soon after CONCACAF declined the invitation to join Copa America 2020”. He also lamented that the American Football Association and Mexico have made a disappointing move when they refused an invitation to attend the Copa America 2019 in Brazil.

After Brazil, CONMEBOL plans to move Copa America to the same calendar with EURO 2020. No host country has hosted Copa America 2020. Meanwhile, CONCACAF welcomed the US proposal, saying Intercontinental tournaments will benefit the region’s biggest tournament, the Gold Cup.

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The great life of an American football star

The second midfielder in the history of American football, Tom Brady, still retains good health at the age of 40 with a huge income and a dream life.

Brady earned $ 28.8 million and was the fifth highest paid player in the NFL last season. He recently signed a $ 41 million two-year extension with the Patriots. Brady is also the third highest paid player in NFL history. He has earned 197.2 million dollars in his career.

Each year, the midfielder also makes about $ 8 million in contracts with companies like Under Armor, Intel, Shields and Aston Martin. Aston Martin even produced a special sports car version of Vanquish S Volante called Tom Brady, which costs $ 360,000 for just 12 units.

But Brady‘s huge income is nothing compared to his wife, supermodel Gisele Bündchen. Gisele earned $ 30.5 million last year and became the highest paid supermodel in the world in a decade. She is said to have made $ 1 billion in her career.

The couple seems to have a great passion for investing in changing houses. They once owned a $ 20 million mansion in Los Angeles and sold it to Dr. Dre for $ 40 million in 2014. They then bought an apartment on a glass skyscraper in New York for a price. $ 11.7 million and reselling at $ 17.25 million in 2016. They continue to invest $ 20 million to buy an apartment in Tribeca.

He also often appears in social events such as Kentucky Derby, VIP box in Carniva Brazil, Met Gala or World Cup.

Currently, it seems that most of his expenses outside of his home are health related. Brady and Gisele have their own chefs and follow a strict diet without sugar, without tomatoes, and buttercream. They even made them eat a diet of around 80% vegetables.

He sold a diet book titled “The Nutrition Guide TB12” for $ 200 and almost sold out when it was published. He then continued to publish his book “The TB12 Method: How to Keep the Top Performance” for about $ 20. This is considered a “bible of athletes”.

Applying the abstinence regime, however, he sometimes posts on Instagram images showing himself drinking alcohol with some TB12 electrolytes.

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China – New Market For American Football (Part 3)

Chinese viewers are tuning in inspite of those potential impediments. Many Chinese viewers communicate about the games via chat groups and more than 90% of them watch alone. During the 2018 season there were more than 709 million total video views of non-live NFL digital content, Live game digital viewership increased 72% the past year.

While from 6 p.m. to midnight the London audience can watch live NFL games televised by Sky Sports, in China the time change adds another challenge. For example through video streaming and mobile devices as part of the exclusive live digital agreement between NFL and the largest streaming platform in China Tencent, Sunday night games are shown Monday morning.

Managing director of NFL China Richard Young said that it was a very different consumption experience. The audiances could not having beer, guacamole and 20 friends over at 7 a.m.”

Super Bowl LIII drew a live of more than 8 million audiences in mainland China when it aired on the morning of the Lunar New Year’s Eve.It was grown exponentially and just over last year they had seen a tremendous amount of growth.

Besides watching football, the Chinese are playing it. In 2018 more than 300 teams across 14 cities participated in NFL flag football tournaments after only 36 teams across three cities in China did so in 2014.

Several of the AFLC All-Stars and about half of the CAFL players are American expatriates living in China. Quarterback Jarred Evans, who grew up in West Philadelphia right near Penn’s campus also played in the CAFL, faced Penn in the Global Ambassadors Bowl. It shows that the football is indeed a small world in China.

The youth in China are becoming interested in American football. More and more young Chinese football audiances wore the jerseys of their favorite NFL players with their first name on the back.

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14-year-old American football phenomenon was shot dead

The dream of playing in the national team shirt of the “American football phenomenon” has been unfinished forever.

Jaylon McKenzie, an eighth-grade male student in Bellville, Illinois, died after being hit by a stray bullet on May 4, while attending a party in Venice near the border between Illinois and Missouri. The incident happened around 11:40 pm, starting from the controversy that led to the shooting at the party. Jaylon was about to leave but went back to pick up his stuff and got hit. After that, he was taken to the hospital, but he couldn’t survive. Another 15-year-old female student present at the party is also in critical condition.

Jaylon appeared in the “Future of Sports” Picture Book in November 2018 with five other American teen stars. He always dreamed of becoming a professional rugby star, playing for Los Angeles Rams or Los Angeles Chargeers in California. This male student was also invited by the universities of Missouri and Illinois.

Sukeeena Gunner, Jaylon’s mother, said that he regularly participates in summer rugby tour but in May, the activities are sparse so Jaylon has more free time. He also rarely attended parties until the incident. In the eyes of this mother, the youngest of 5 siblings has a beautiful smile, soft-spoken, humble and much loved.

On American social networks, many people expressed their grief at the departure of a talented boy, including politicians and athletes. Congressman LaToya Greenwood, Illinois representative wrote memorial lines of Jaylon McKenzie on his personal Facebook and called the loss extreme pain.

Gun violence is a painful issue in American society. By the end of February this year, the House of Representatives had passed a large-scale gun safety bill, which would allow an expanded background check for all gun purchases, including arms purchases for exhibitions, galleries or via the Internet.

It is the first gun-tightening control bill passed by the US House of Representatives in a quarter of a century, but faces strong opposition in the Senate, where the Republican party holds a majority and President Donald Trump, who has great backing of the National Rifle Association and organizations supporting gun ownership. President Trump has vowed to reject the bill if passed by Congress.