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7 great business lessons from the Super Bowl (Part 2)

4. Put your stars on the stage

Fans love to hear from people who have a lot in common with them. It is much more interesting than listening to the words of the boss of a luxury brand that they have not dreamed of their whole lives. Find out among your employees who are talented and able to speak fluently, and let them become the center of community events. Get your most motivated salespeople on the podium to speak at a business meeting. This will contribute to build loyalty in the staff and show the community your company culture.

5. Timing is everything

In less than 60 seconds, you will see the winning midfielder wearing the Super Bowl champion hat printed on his team logo. And this will only work if someone has planned it in advance.

In business too, you must be prepared to pursue marketing opportunities when they are ripe. Preparing in advance helps you act quickly and earn money. You must be ready. You need to be resolute. You have to align the time really well. Nobody goes shopping for Christmas decorations on Easter. Plan your attacks and build flexibility to respond promptly when opportunities arise.

6. Exploit testimonials

Fans always want to support brands that collaborate with their idols. The same principle holds true for other areas, not just sports. The fact that a famous blogger promotes your business on their blog is a great form of testimonials and makes a good impression in the eyes of potential customers. Find creative ways to make money based on the success of others.

7. Don’t forget the add-on

Accompanied goods – whether it’s a program to help the audience watch an online tournament, a souvenir trophy or a doll model featuring players with swaying heads for money. Your customer base is a goldmine. Never miss the opportunity to sell products that accompany key products and services, and don’t miss the opportunity to bring your customers to sponsors. Your access to your customers is a valuable commodity through which you can earn large sums of money.

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Defeating the Patriots, the Philadelphia Eagles won the first Super Bowl

The 41-33 victory over New England Patriots helped “Eagles” become the new champion of American football.

The Philadelphia Eagles were underestimated by the New England Patriots before the final match of the season. The Patriots has an experienced squad, a midfielder considered to be the best in Tom Brady history and was the defending champion before entering the Super Bowl.

However, defender Brandon Graham was the one who put the end to the Patriots with a mighty breakthrough to win the ball in the hands of Tom Brady, helping the Eagles end the match with a score of 41-33. This was the first Super Bowl championship in the club’s history after three NFL national championships in 1948, 1949 and 1960.

Midfielder Nick Foles led his team-mates through four chases with the Patriots to win the Super Bowl Player of the Year (MVP) title. This is hardly expected when Foles arrived in Philadelphia in March 2017 as a backup player. It was not until the 14th round that the midfielder in 1989 was allowed to enter the football field in place of Carson Wentz. In the Super Bowl, Foles successfully passed 28 times out of 43 pitches, creating three touches at the end of the pitch.

Foles overcame the shadow of Tom Brady, who won five Super Bowl and four times was voted MVP. In the match that Brady did not perform well, the loopholes of the Patriots defense made them pay the price. The direct throws of the ball into the middle of Foles and the ability to break through from LeGarrette Blount and Corey Clement opened the victory for the Eagles.

Eagles’ defense, meanwhile, has had an excellent day as most of this season. The Graham situation caused Brady to drop the ball and let Derek Barnett win when the game was only about two minutes away when the fans in Philadelphia saw the Super Bowl title.

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7 great business lessons from the Super Bowl (Part 1)

The Super Bowl is really the biggest and most spectacular event of the year when it comes to marketing, advertising and creativity. And whether you know the rules of football or not, you can still learn many useful business lessons from this event.

1. All rewards belong to the winner

The losing team will leave quietly, while the winners will receive applause, welcome fireworks and champagne glasses to celebrate in the dressing room. Super Bowl is a game “winner gets all, lose gets nothing”, and so does the business world. The leading suppliers have a good reputation and hold a majority share of the company, while the rest have to compete for the remaining. If you get the number one position, you will have the right to choose customers. The number one position is worth your fight to get it because what you get is great.

2. Create a festival

The Super Bowl is more than just a football competition taking place within a few hours. It is a festival that the United States celebrates with sports, food, drinks, music … And you, too, can create an annual event to show the spirit of the company or the community. One of my favorite examples is Small Business Saturday – in the frenetic atmosphere of the holiday shopping season, this event is a strong reminder of small businesses locally. You also have the same opportunities if you search for them. For example, if you own a sporting store, sponsor events organized for families who attend a small local tournament. Create festival or event where people can collaborate with your business.

3. Attract all audiences

Football itself is only part of the appeal of the Super Bowl. Everyone waited for the show to show during the break and even to watch the commercials. The lesson here is to focus on the core market and expand offers to attract new customers. Sports fans will be watching the show, music fans will be watching the mid-hour show, and everyone can watch millions of dollars worth of commercials.

Facts about American Football

The difference between American football and rugby (Part 1)

American football and rugby are similar games as they have the same origin, but there is a total difference between the two that cannot be ignored. At a glance, you might even think that both Rugby and American football are the same game. However, that is not so.

So, to understand the difference between Rugby and American football, we should first have a general idea of ​​the two games and then compare the two to see the difference. Therefore, this article introduces you to the definitions of each game and the differences between rugby and American football.

What is rugby?

Rugby, widely played around the world in Europe, Australia, Africa, and even Asia is a very physical game. It can be known as a game that requires skills in football, basketball, and American football. Rugby players have to run around the school until they can score goals for another team. They must pass the ball effectively.

In addition, they must participate in the resolution sometimes like in American football to win the ball from the opponent. To score in rugby matches, the player must take the ball and place the ball on the opposing team’s pass. Or else, the player can kick the ball between the target post.

What is American football?

American football is a major and very popular game in the US. It is only played in the USA. This is also a highly competitive game that requires a lot of physical strength. In order to score a goal in a football match in the US, the player must take the ball out of the opponent’s contact line. This is called touchdown. A player can also kick it between goal posts.

Above are basic definitions of rugby and American football, in which we can see they are not the same sport as many people misunderstand.

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The 10 richest clubs in the world: American football ascends the throne

Forbes magazine recently published a list of the top 50 sports clubs in the world with the highest value. Of the 10 most expensive sports clubs on the planet, 7 come from the US, 2 from Spain and the UK 1.

As with the general trend of the world, team clubs like football, soccer, baseball and basketball should still make a profit. Compared to last year, the clubs all have a slight decrease in value, the American football club Cowboys still maintained the No. 1 position but decreased $ -0.8 billion.

Compared to last year’s rankings, the second place of soccer (MU club) was beaten by the New York Yankees baseball club quite spectacularly. So the two leading positions belong to American football and baseball clubs. King of sports soccer only ranked 3rd. Last season Real play not really well, club value dropped 0.6 billion USD but still guaranteed them 3rd place.

Monopolizing the top spot is Dallas Cowboys football team of famous boss Jerry Jones with the value of 4 billion USD. The Steinbrenner family, the New York Yankees baseball team, is second with 3.7 billion USD. The two giants of Spanish football, Real Madrid (£ 3.4 billion) and Barcelona (worth £ 3.23 billion), are honored to make the top 10 with third and fourth place, respectively.

In the past season, MU has not won any titles. Even, they could not win tickets to the Glazer Champions League, Manchester United only finished in sixth place in the Premier League.

According to Forbes’s valuation, the value of MU at this time is about 3.06 billion pounds. They have dropped from 2nd to 6th place in the ranking of the most valuable sports teams in the world.

The remaining teams in the top 10 are all sports clubs in the US. Meanwhile, the top 50 also witnessed only 5 more soccer teams. Bayern Munich ranked 17th with £ 2.43 billion. Man City ranked 25th (£ 2.16 billion), Chelsea ranked 32 (£ 2.08 billion), Arsenal ranked 42 (£ 1.82 billion) and Liverpool ranked 45 (£ 1.75 billion). The main reason is due to the rapidly increasing player prices in the transfer market.

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Will Sports Betting in Indiana be Legal Before the Start of 2019 NFL Season?

Are you resident of Indiana with a passion for the NFL? Good news, the state legislation of Indiana passed a bill and signed it into law on May 8th to allow sports gambling in your state, you can read more here. Basically, the bill will now allow both in-person gambling facilities and online sportsbooks to accept wagers from locals within the Hoosier state. Legalization of sports wagering is expected to go live around September 1, 2019. Making its inaugural launch just in time for the NFL’s opening day kickoff, which is set for September 5th.

The 2018 NFL season was a season to remember. New stars such as Patrick Mahomes and Saquon Barkley burst onto the scene, leaving fans jaws constantly unhinged with their exhilarating play. Tom Brady helped lead his Patriots to their second Super Bowl victory in three years, not that it was much of a surprise in the gambling world. The Patriots were originally pegged as Super Bowl favorites heading into the 2018 season with odds set at +500, unfortunately residents located within the state lines of Indiana were left stranded, unable to get in on the action. However, that changes this year, albeit with a few stipulations.

Online Sports Betting in Indiana

The initial launch of legalized betting within Indiana will be limited to only in-person retail sportsbooks located within Indiana gambling facilities such as Casinos, racinos, etc. However, Indiana regulators are aggressively fast-tracking the timeframe of legalized online betting, as the NFL is arguably the most lucrative sport to wager on within the United States. Online sports betting for Indiana hopes to be up and running by early October. This will be perfect time for residents to vet the teams within the league, and determine which franchises are viable Super Bowl contenders.

Super Bowl LIV Odds & Favorites

Looking to place a future bet on Super Bowl LIV? You can never go wrong with the Patriots. The New England Patriots (+700) currently edge out the Kansas City Chiefs (+850) and Los Angeles Rams (+1000) as the current favorites to hoist the Lombardi Trophy come early February. Now with a freshly reinstated Josh Gordon at wideout, you can expect Tom Brady to carve his way through the rest of the AFC, and possibly add a seventh Super Bowl ring to his glorious collection.

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Fun facts about Super Bowl

Super Bowl is the National Football League (NFL – National Football League) championship, the leading association of American professional rugby, since 1967. For most of the year Over time, Super Bowl is the most watched program in American television broadcasts. The final day of the Super Bowl is not only one of the biggest sporting events, but is now de facto as the US holiday, called Super Bowl Sunday. The Super Bowl Sunday is also the day that the United States has the second largest food consumption, after Thanksgiving Day.

The Super Bowl for the first time took place on January 15, 1967, as part of the NFL merger agreement and then the American Football League (AFL), which led to a unified agreement as the teams. The opponents of the two tournaments will compete in a tournament called AFL – NFL World Championship Game, during the transition period until the official merger. After the official merger of two tournaments in 1970, each tournament becomes a “conference”, and eventually the final will be a competition between the two champions of these two rounds. Lamar Hunt, a former owner of the Kansas City Chiefs team and a founding member of the AFL, named the Super Bowl after watching his son play with a “Super Ball” (a highly elastic plastic ball). of Wham-O). The Super Bowl uses Roman numerals to determine the final, not the year it was held. Super Bowl I was held in 1967 to determine the championship of the season in 1966, and most recently the Super Bowl XLIV, on February 7, 2010, to select the champion of the 2009 season.

The Pittsburgh Steelers team has won six Super Bowl times, while the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers have won five times. Seventeen other teams have won at least one Super Bowl. Only four Super Bowl teams are Lions Detroit, Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Houston Texas.

Many famous singers and musicians participated in the play before and during the match.

Three of America’s four largest TV networks: CBS, Fox and NBC are rotated exclusively for Super Bowl television broadcasting each year. Due to high viewership (about 100 million people), the cost of TV commercials in Super Bowl is the most expensive in the year. Also because of the high cost of investing in Super Bowl ads, companies often invest to develop the most money for their ads. As a result, watching and discussing television commercials has also become an important aspect of the event.

American Football News

How does the boss of Atlanta American football team spend money? (Part 2)

This sporty “uncle” who is over 70 years old is not the first to swing hundreds of millions of dollars to buy luxury yachts in American rugby village. Earlier, Dan Snyder, owner of Washington Redskins, spent $ 100 million to own a yacht 305 feet (over 92.9 meters) with a weird theater of his own accord.

Jerry Jones – owner of the Dallas Cowboys club also splashed out tons of money without pity. The 76-year-old billionaire like Arthur Bank spent 250 million dollars to buy a 357-foot yacht with 2 heliports, steam room, gym and cool room. -xa which he named after his wife who has lived for more than 50 years with her – Mrs. Gene Jones.

Besides being known as one of the richest bosses in the NFL, Arthur Blank also attracted public opinion with a rather complicated private life. He was married three times and had six children together with his first two wives (all divorced). The third wife is also preparing to complete the divorce procedure with this billionaire.

Arthur Blank has many wives and many children

On February 9, 2016, Athur Blank revealed to his media that he had prostate cancer. But on March 17 of that year, he announced that he had recovered after successfully treating the disease.

Meanwhile, the “Godfather” of another American football club charged with prostitution

Kraft was one of 24 men accused of buying sex by police, New England Patriots club owner appeared in the Spa shop for several days. For his part, the president of the Robert Club denied any accusations of the functional side and ceded the right to confront lawyers.

Kraft’s lawyers have condemned the act of placing police underground cameras when employers and employees are unaware. The police said they had placed the camera on January 18 and that they have just released evidence.

This is obviously an unhappy information for the New England Patriots club, as the image of the chairman and team will be greatly affected.

Billionaire Robert Kraft is the president and chief executive of Kraft Group, a diversified paper, packaging, sports and entertainment corporation. Robert this year turns 77, estimated he owns nearly 7 billion dollars.

American Football News

How does the boss of Atlanta American football team spend money? (Part 1)

Arthur Blank, the rich 76-year-old boss of the famous American football team and soccer team of the city of Atlanta (USA) has just showed his playability with a hobby that made billions of people have to jealous.

The 76-year-old male entrepreneur born in Synneside (New York) is the co-founder of The Home Depot (a home improvement retailer in the country) is also the owner of two teams. Big sport is Atlanta Falcons – a rugby club in the American Major League (NFL) and Atlanta United – a football team in the National Football League (MLS).

Blank bought the Atlanta Falcons in 2002 for $ 545 million, and according to TMZ Sports, currently the value of this falconry football team has quadrupled to 2.1 billion.

With the current estimated net worth of $ 4.8 billion (according to Forbes), Arthur Blank still shows his “playfulness” with extravagant pleasures. The source from TMZ Sports said, recently, the 76-year-old “uncle” of sports has just made the world overwhelmed with the purchase of a high-class yacht for $ 180 million.

The new $ 180 million super yacht bought by new billionaire Arthur Blank launched

This luxurious “toy” has the play name DreAMBoat (meaning the dream boat, in which AMB stands for Arthur M. Blank). Club owner Atlanta Falcons’ new yacht is 240 feet tall, including 23 cabins that can carry up to 56 people, including 23 passengers plus 33 crew.

Notably, this white yacht also has a swimming pool and hot tub on the deck and many other functional rooms. Arthur Blank also had to fly from the United States to the Netherlands to supervise and urge Oceanco, a luxury yacht company, to build the ship. This is extremely careful.

DreAMBoat has just launched for the first time earlier this week and will soon undergo sea trials. This superyacht is expected to be handed over to the buyer – billionaire businessman Arthur Bank this summer by Oceanco.

Facts about American Football

Why did American football develop in Germany and suffer defeat in Spain? (Part 2)

Why does American football succeed in Germany?

First of all, this sport actively emphasizes the traditional characteristics of German rules and principles. There are many laws in Germany and laws are highly appreciated. For example, parks in Germany sometimes have areas marked by signs that allow you to throw the dog a stick. The Germans still appreciate the time. They know how to manage time effectively and do not like delay. This trend is similar to American football when every stop-go is measured in seconds.

A popular symbol of German culture is a symphony. In fact, the two greatest symphony composers in the world – Bach and Beethoven – are German. The people of Germany were attracted by symmetrical rhythms and sequences of the song. The conductor brings the outstanding talents of each performer to create harmonious music.

Like a symphony, American football depends on a strong captain – playing midfielder – who can connect the special talents of each player so they can compete as one. At halftime in the middle of the game, the audience enjoyed the atmosphere of the parade army and other performances, all blended together to the level of sublimation. Preparation, timing, accuracy, compliance with rules, and understanding of individual contributions are the basis of symphony performances or American football matches.

America is a country that mixes many different cultures, creating a diversity of races. In contrast, Europe is the home of many ethnic groups, not the United States. Although Europeans have made every effort to create a united European culture, the difficulties faced in the formation of the EU have shown that every country is not willing to sacrifice cultural characteristics. Thus, like cultural differences, the concept of American football in every European country is different.

Most Europeans view the sport as a distortion of football, reflecting the stubborn and violent attitude of Americans. So even though the National Football League has spent a lot of money promoting its teams in Europe, it still fails. Finally, the national culture has won. In 2007, the NFL officially closed its dealerships in Europe.