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The great life of an American football star

The second midfielder in the history of American football, Tom Brady, still retains good health at the age of 40 with a huge income and a dream life.

Brady earned $ 28.8 million and was the fifth highest paid player in the NFL last season. He recently signed a $ 41 million two-year extension with the Patriots. Brady is also the third highest paid player in NFL history. He has earned 197.2 million dollars in his career.

Each year, the midfielder also makes about $ 8 million in contracts with companies like Under Armor, Intel, Shields and Aston Martin. Aston Martin even produced a special sports car version of Vanquish S Volante called Tom Brady, which costs $ 360,000 for just 12 units.

But Brady‘s huge income is nothing compared to his wife, supermodel Gisele Bündchen. Gisele earned $ 30.5 million last year and became the highest paid supermodel in the world in a decade. She is said to have made $ 1 billion in her career.

The couple seems to have a great passion for investing in changing houses. They once owned a $ 20 million mansion in Los Angeles and sold it to Dr. Dre for $ 40 million in 2014. They then bought an apartment on a glass skyscraper in New York for a price. $ 11.7 million and reselling at $ 17.25 million in 2016. They continue to invest $ 20 million to buy an apartment in Tribeca.

He also often appears in social events such as Kentucky Derby, VIP box in Carniva Brazil, Met Gala or World Cup.

Currently, it seems that most of his expenses outside of his home are health related. Brady and Gisele have their own chefs and follow a strict diet without sugar, without tomatoes, and buttercream. They even made them eat a diet of around 80% vegetables.

He sold a diet book titled “The Nutrition Guide TB12” for $ 200 and almost sold out when it was published. He then continued to publish his book “The TB12 Method: How to Keep the Top Performance” for about $ 20. This is considered a “bible of athletes”.

Applying the abstinence regime, however, he sometimes posts on Instagram images showing himself drinking alcohol with some TB12 electrolytes.

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China – New Market For American Football (Part 3)

Chinese viewers are tuning in inspite of those potential impediments. Many Chinese viewers communicate about the games via chat groups and more than 90% of them watch alone. During the 2018 season there were more than 709 million total video views of non-live NFL digital content, Live game digital viewership increased 72% the past year.

While from 6 p.m. to midnight the London audience can watch live NFL games televised by Sky Sports, in China the time change adds another challenge. For example through video streaming and mobile devices as part of the exclusive live digital agreement between NFL and the largest streaming platform in China Tencent, Sunday night games are shown Monday morning.

Managing director of NFL China Richard Young said that it was a very different consumption experience. The audiances could not having beer, guacamole and 20 friends over at 7 a.m.”

Super Bowl LIII drew a live of more than 8 million audiences in mainland China when it aired on the morning of the Lunar New Year’s Eve.It was grown exponentially and just over last year they had seen a tremendous amount of growth.

Besides watching football, the Chinese are playing it. In 2018 more than 300 teams across 14 cities participated in NFL flag football tournaments after only 36 teams across three cities in China did so in 2014.

Several of the AFLC All-Stars and about half of the CAFL players are American expatriates living in China. Quarterback Jarred Evans, who grew up in West Philadelphia right near Penn’s campus also played in the CAFL, faced Penn in the Global Ambassadors Bowl. It shows that the football is indeed a small world in China.

The youth in China are becoming interested in American football. More and more young Chinese football audiances wore the jerseys of their favorite NFL players with their first name on the back.

American Football Players

14-year-old American football phenomenon was shot dead

The dream of playing in the national team shirt of the “American football phenomenon” has been unfinished forever.

Jaylon McKenzie, an eighth-grade male student in Bellville, Illinois, died after being hit by a stray bullet on May 4, while attending a party in Venice near the border between Illinois and Missouri. The incident happened around 11:40 pm, starting from the controversy that led to the shooting at the party. Jaylon was about to leave but went back to pick up his stuff and got hit. After that, he was taken to the hospital, but he couldn’t survive. Another 15-year-old female student present at the party is also in critical condition.

Jaylon appeared in the “Future of Sports” Picture Book in November 2018 with five other American teen stars. He always dreamed of becoming a professional rugby star, playing for Los Angeles Rams or Los Angeles Chargeers in California. This male student was also invited by the universities of Missouri and Illinois.

Sukeeena Gunner, Jaylon’s mother, said that he regularly participates in summer rugby tour but in May, the activities are sparse so Jaylon has more free time. He also rarely attended parties until the incident. In the eyes of this mother, the youngest of 5 siblings has a beautiful smile, soft-spoken, humble and much loved.

On American social networks, many people expressed their grief at the departure of a talented boy, including politicians and athletes. Congressman LaToya Greenwood, Illinois representative wrote memorial lines of Jaylon McKenzie on his personal Facebook and called the loss extreme pain.

Gun violence is a painful issue in American society. By the end of February this year, the House of Representatives had passed a large-scale gun safety bill, which would allow an expanded background check for all gun purchases, including arms purchases for exhibitions, galleries or via the Internet.

It is the first gun-tightening control bill passed by the US House of Representatives in a quarter of a century, but faces strong opposition in the Senate, where the Republican party holds a majority and President Donald Trump, who has great backing of the National Rifle Association and organizations supporting gun ownership. President Trump has vowed to reject the bill if passed by Congress.

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China – New Market For American Football (Part 2)

The University of Pennsylvania played against the American Football League of China (AFLC) All-Stars, a squad made up of several different clubs, in March.

A couple of days in Shanghai before the team played in the Global Ambassadors Bowl the teams’ coaches met, and then a 3,200 sell-out crowd watched Penn warm up and compete, including government officials.

Priore said they were learning how to play it. He added that the coaching was good and what they played was sound. They had some athletes who weren’t as experienced on the techniques of football. They executed sophisticated schemes like spread passing formations and RPOs although some of the taller players carried more than optimal weight.

Priore said he expects more Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) teams to make the trip although he does not envision Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) teams going over to play.

Jaworski, an Arena Football League team of the Philadelphia Soul and a co-owner Marty Judge founded the CAFL. Jaworski has seen four games in Beijing since the league debuted in 2016. 6,000 fans filled the sold-out arenas to cheer the loudest for field goals and kickoffs.

Jaworski said that you had got to be very careful with the outdoor game. That’s why they felt the Arena League game would fit beautifully. They were standing on their feet at the end of the game. They loved it. Because many cities struggle with air pollution so the Arena Football League might have the best future in China.

Jaworski expected that in the next decade football to be in China “in a big way”, and rumors have swirled that the Los Angeles Rams nearly played a 2018 regular-season game against the San Francisco 49ers in China. The NFL also tried to hold a preseason game in China in 2007 between Seattle Seahawks and the Patriots, which led up to the Summer Olympics in Beijing.

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Real lost the No.1 spot in value to the American football team

This is the first time Real has lost the first place in the table, after three consecutive years to occupy this position in the ranking of the world’s most valuable sports teams by Forbes.

10. Los Angeles Lakers (US $ 2.7 billion)

The second highest value basketball team in the United States was founded in 1947. From its inception to 1960, the team was named the Minneapolis Lakers. The name Los Angeles Lakers exists from 1960 to the present. The team used to have 16 times NBA champions.

9. New York Giants (2.8 billion USD)

NY Giants is a professional American football team founded in 1925, based in East Rutherford, New Jersey and represents the New York metropolitan area. The team’s home ground is MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. This is the venue for the 2016 Copa America final between the Chile vs Argentina football team.


8. Washington Redskins ($ 2.85 billion)

Rugby team founded in 1932, playing on FedEx Field Stadium in Landover, Maryland but headquartered in Ashburn, Virginia and training elsewhere (Richmon, Virginia). Washington Redskins is known as the team of hot girls with a beautiful and powerful cheerleader.

7. New York Knicks ($ 3 billion)

This is the highest valued basketball team in the United States. NY Knicks was founded in 1946 and competes at Madison Square Garden.

6. New England Patriots ($ 3.2 billion)

NE Patriots founded in 1960, is a rugby team playing at the NFL. The team’s home ground and headquarters are Gillette’s yard in Foxborough, Massachusetts. The team has won the NFL four times in 2001, 2003, 2004 and 2014.


5. Manchester United (3.32 billion USD)

MU was founded in 1878 under the original name of Newton Heath LYR, and was changed to Manchester United in 1902. MU is the most traditional rich team in England with 20 national championships, including 13 times to win the NH NH and 12 FA Cups. This team also won the Champions League / Champions 3 times.

4. New Yord Yankees (3.4 billion USD)

The famous American baseball team dropped 2 places compared to the previous year’s rankings because their value increased by only 6%. NY Yankees founded in 1901, headquartered in the Bronx district, New York. The team used to have two previous names: Baltimore Orioles (from 1901 to 1902), New York Highlanders (from 1903 to 1912) and NY Yankees (from 1913 to present).

3. Barcelona (3.55 billion USD):

With a 12% increase in value compared to the previous rankings, Barcelona hit the 3rd position. This team was founded in 1899, has 24 times the national team, 28 times won the King’s Cup. and 5 C1/Champions League.


2. Real Madrid (3.65 billion USD)

The most traditional rich team in Spain has fallen compared to last year. In the last 3 years, Real has always been in first place in the table. Since 2011, this is the first time this chart is not due to MU or Real holding the No. 1 position. The 12% increase in the value of Real is lower than their competitor ranked above them.

1. Dallas Cowboys ($ 4 billion)

Up to 25% of the value in the past year, Dallas Cowboys surpassed the spectacular Real Madrid. This rugby team was founded in 1960, playing at AT&T home turf in Texas. The team has won the NFL Superbowl five times in 1971, 1977, 1992, 1993 and 1995. The NFL rugby tournament contributes 27 teams to the top 50 Forbes sports teams. Football and basketball contribute eight positions, while the American Baseball tournament features seven teams.

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5 reasons why Americans don’t bother watching the World Cup

While the whole world is crazy about the World Cup, only Americans remain calm, seemingly very little interested in the World Cup.

On, a thorough article outlined 5 reasons why Americans are so indifferent to this tournament.

1. Americans have their own “Football”

In fact, the sport called “Football” in the US does not play on foot and there is no ball at all, this is the English-American name for rugby.

Americans are known to be crazy about football and basketball and many other sports, but they are very indifferent to football. Rugby is really the most popular and favorite sport in the US while football is often estranged.

2. “My friends don’t care about football.”

Playing sports requires a team, and watching the competition must have a guild together to be excited and fun. Meanwhile, the words of many Americans when asked why they do not see the World Cup is: “My friends no one cares about football at all.”

3. America has no football stars to watch

The United States has had a few top football stars in the world such as Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley, Tim Howard and a few others. However, no American player has enough influence as big as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or even LeBron James or Peyton Manning.

4. America is not a strong team

The US team, to be honest, is not an outstanding team. Take a look at American teams, like the Dallas Cowboys, which earned a bit of a reputation in the 1970s, until the 1990s, they got a little more transformed, but from there Until now, more than 20 years, almost no other changes.

The US national team is almost the same, albeit a little better. They have never exceeded number eight throughout the 1990 World Cup. This makes American fans increasingly indifferent to the World Cup.

5. Americans are not the authors of football

Americans like to invent everything, from electricity, phones, the internet… and then they feel proud because everyone knows that America has found those things.

But Americans did not invent football, it was a European sport. Perhaps that’s part of the reason Americans don’t care about football and the World Cup.

American Football Players

American football star acquitted after 9 years of sentence execution

A Nevada parole board decided to release O.J.Simpson, the former American rugby star, after he apologized for the 2007 robbery, insisted he was an exemplary prisoner and promised not to relapse.

Movie and American football star O.J. Simpson was sentenced to 33 years in prison for armed robbery and kidnapping in 2007.

But at that time, Simpson declared that he only intended to reclaim his sports memorabilia from two collectors in a hotel room in Las Vegas. The memorabilia that Simpson wants to get back are the photos, the competition and the clothes.

Four amnesty council members voted unanimously to release Simpson prisoner for good rehabilitation. Member Ton Corda said the prisoner was rated “low risk of recidivism”.

After hearing the decision to forgive, Simpson smiled and said, “Thank you,” then lowered his head to silence for a moment.

Simpson’s lawyer told reporters that his client was “very happy and very touched” when he was pardoned and called the past process “a difficult game”.

His daughter, Arnelle Simpson, told the court: ‘We know my father is not the perfect man, but … he is a perfect prisoner, obeys the prison rules and makes the situation come back. so the best he could … He regretted it. We just want him back so we can continue to live quietly ‘, according to VOA.

Simpson will start being released in early October and he says he will move to Florida to live with his family.

The famous case

Orenthal James Simpson is famous for the nickname O. J. Simpson. Simpson was one of the most famous rugby stars in the United States with a series of illustrious achievements in professional tournaments.

In 2007, the court concluded that Simpson and five accomplices used guns to rob the century from the two merchants Bruce Fromong and Alfred Beardsley. The defense lawyer said their client came to the hotel to retrieve the stolen belongings and not carry a gun.

The famous athlete was acquitted in the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and his wife Ronald Goldman in 1995. The Criminal Court trial of OJSimpson opened on January 24, 1995 as a trial. holds the world record for the largest number of viewers in American history.

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Carli Lloyd, who wrote the new history page for the NFL (Part 1)

NFL (National Football League) is the US national American football league, which is the default playing field for men. However, NFL history is about to turn to a new page when female player Carli Lloyd shows that she is not inferior to any male colleagues and is receiving the support of a large number of American NHMs to become players. First female in NFL history

Famous from a 54-meter kick

While Europe is reeling with the flow of football, in the US, the country where American football is the No. 1 sport, has also appeared a very attractive story. It is the event that female player Carli Lloyd is widely supported by the American NHM to become a professional American football player and will even play in the National American football National Championships (NFL).

First we need to clarify two things. Firstly, Carli Lloyd was not an American football player. She was a football player. Lloyd has won the World Cup with the USA twice and won the Olympic gold medal in women’s football twice. Secondly, the NFL has absolutely no women’s league, and no female players have ever competed with male colleagues.

So what happened and Americans created a wave of support for Lloyd to join the NFL? The story is this: Not long ago, Carli Lloyd with the US Tel to Philadelphia to attend a friendly match with Portugal. After the mission, Carli Lloyd decided to visit the Eagles American football training ground (she was a fan of this club).

Here, Carli Lloyd was challenged by male colleagues to show off their football skills. And she surprised all when scoring a goal from a distance of … 54 meters. It was a very difficult kick in the middle line – something that not many male players can do. Incidentally, an Eagles player filmed Carli Lloyd performing this kick and posted it online. Immediately it created a fever.

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China – New Market For American Football (Part 1)

In June of 2017 Tom Brady -New England Patriots quarterback visited two cities in China as part of an Under Armour promotional trip and he considered this experience as one of the great highlights of his life.

Brady eagerly told Patriots owner Robert Kraft that There was a lot of interest in the game in China and a lot of people who love and appreciate American football.

China has a population of about 1.4 billion and a per capita GDP of $8,800, is an attractive setting as the NFL, which has set a goal of $25 billion by 2027 (last season it generated about $15 billion), tries to grow the game further.

Ron Jaworski former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback and an investor in the China Arena Football League (CAFL) said that it was a great market.

in China soccer is the most attractive sport, and basketball ranks second, but football still stands in the top 10 of the sports system. In 1908, visiting U.S. Navy sailors played football in Xiamen and it is the origins of the sport.

In 2008, one year after its first regular-season game in England as part of a 15-year initiative to have the ability of having a full-time presence in London, the NFL launched an office in China.

Five years ago there are 400 players and eight teams who played football in China but now more than 3,000 adults play on 76 organized recreational league tackle teams. Thirty of the 34 provinces in China have at least one adult football team or youth training program.

Penn is the first Ivy League team which play a football game in China, trounced the All-Stars 85-0. Despite their victory, Penn head coach Ray Priore said there were a handful of players with the capabilities who can play on his team and the talent his Quakers faced was belied the lopsided score.

Super Bowl

Who will be the Super Bowl 2020 headliner

Recently, the US-UK music lover community is buzzing about the news that Shakira will be the singer who takes on the ‘host’ role of the Super Bowl 2020. Besides, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez are also two characters who are known for their important positions at this prestigious event. Whether in these 3 heavy faces, who will be the best fit for the important position at the Super Bowl 2020?

With a collection of hit songs of a stirring collectiveness such as: Waka Waka, Hips Don’t Lie, La La La … Shakira has more than enough to blow up the stadium with this huge capacity. Not to mention, with the wild and liberal Latin music, Shakira will make many people go crazy because of his hot dance.

Shakira is known as the golden girl in the ‘cheering’ village when every World Cup season, the singer releases a song with the ability to spread sports love to everyone. With Super Bowl 2020, Shakira is a worthy name and promises to bring the top stage in the spirit of this prestigious event.

Absent for a few years in the music industry, imagine if Rihanna suddenly appeared on the Super Bowl 2020 stage and brought a whole new series of songs. With a huge hit store including hit EDM songs such as This Is What You Came For, Only Girl, We Found Love, … The Barbados singer will definitely make all audiences crazy because of the performances.

Recently, rumors of Rihanna preparing to re-release the music industry with a brand new album are causing many people to stand still. Maybe she had the honor to be booked for a monumental comeback on stage Super Bowl 2020?

The third name on this list is undoubtedly the ‘disco queen’ Jennifer Lopez. With her inherent beauty, talent and popularity, the ‘big sister’ of the world music industry is also a quite perfect option for leading the stage of the Super Bowl 2020. She owns famous hits like On The Floor, Papi, Ain’t Your Mama, … Certainly hundreds of thousands of viewers will burst out of joy when watching Jennifer Lopez explode on stage.

Besides, with the usual luxurious style, maybe Jennifer Lopez will bring to the Super Bowl 2020 stage a splendid and artistic concept. With the experience of performing in the ‘senior’ Jennifer Lopez completely left to take on the key role at the most prestigious event.

The most worthy names have gradually emerged, in your opinion, who will be the most suitable person to take on the role of the 2020 Super Bowl?