American Football Tournaments

America’s proposal on the establishment of an intercontinental tournament was rejected

The South American Football Federation (CONMEBOL) has decided to reject the US proposal to establish a new intercontinental tournament in the Americas next year.

CONMEBOL said the reason for the rejection is because the intercontinental tournament will coincide with the Copa America and will not be approved by FIFA. Carlos Cordeiro – the head of the American Football Federation, had previously written to 10 federations of CONMEBOL to propose a new tournament plan that will feature the best teams from America and the Caribbean.

Under the proposal, the above-mentioned intercontinental tournament is very similar to the successfully organized Copa America Centenario 2016, which will be held at the same time as the European Championship (EURO) 2020. The New York Times said that nearly 200 million USD will be shared between invited teams and participating associations in the Americas. Besides, the champion league team will earn more than 11 million USD.

However, in a letter to Cordeiro, the head of CONMEBOL Alejandro Dominguez said that there would be many difficulties in logistics. “The lack of FIFA approval and scheduling of the Intercontinental Prize in 2020, an essential condition for the organization to make CONMEBOL and its member unions unable to accept the invitation,” AFP quoted CONMEBOL’s letter.

Mr Dominguez also expressed surprise that the US proposal was “immediately after CONCACAF rejected the invitation to join the Copa America 2020″. He also complained that the American Football Association and Mexico were disappointed when they rejected the 2019 Copa America invitation in Brazil.

After the Brazilian event, CONMEBOL plans to transfer Copa America to the EURO 2020 schedule. No country has yet decided to host the Copa America 2020. Meanwhile, CONCACAF welcomes the US proposal, when it says the intercontinental tournament will benefit the Gold Cup – which is the biggest tournament in this region.