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Americans are entering love with football

From being indifferent to football, in recent years Americans have gradually devoted much love to the sport, which is not the number one in the flag country. A big contribution to this change is the International Champions Cup friendly. That brings together many stars and brings great parties for American.

The 24-year-old Chris Shea loved Man City when he was a kid, but he could only watch the stars on television.

Người Mỹ đang bước vào tình yêu với bóng đá

So he traveled to this place with his girlfriend Jessica from Durango to Miami to stand in the stands, watching Pep Guardiola’s army defeat Bayern Munich. It is a journey of about 5,000 km, equal to from London to… Pakistan goes for 35 hours in a car with only $ 1,500 in a pocket. However, as Shea said, watching Man City players in the flesh playing football is more than a dream.

There seems to be a major change in American soil. From a strange country to football, the sport called “soccer” because “football” was used for rugby, they became fascinated with the game of 22 players on the green grass.

Americans now no longer wonder why the players are not wearing helmets or for whatever reason are not standing under the opponent’s defense. ICC brings them closer to the big clubs in Europe and a lot of people like Shea or Russell spend big sums to not miss the top performances.

7 percent may be a small number if placed next to other countries, but it represents a boom in the US. Compared to the same poll four years ago, the top three sports have reduced the percentage of interest, only football increased by 3 percent .

Football also receives special attention from young people. Among those aged 18 to 34, 11 percent said they loved football, equal to basketball and higher than baseball.