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American football world feared by the sudden increasing number of players’ death

The recent deaths of four French American football players are an “extraordinary increase”, according to Brett Gosper, Executive Director of World American football Association. Therefore, the organization has to present a 5-point injury prevention plan for 2019.

The above plan is specifically aimed at reviewing the tackle height rules to reduce vibration for players.

According to statistics, young players Louis Fajfrowski (21), Adrien Descrulhes (17), Nicolas Chauvin (18 years) and Nathan Soyeux (23) all died after being injured on the pitch. “We are heartbroken because of a series of fatal accidents,” Mr Gosper told AFP in an interview.

“For us, it’s a very unusual surge. Occasional deaths still occur in American football, as well as in all sports, antagonistic or non-antagonistic. However, we certainly never had to witness a series of such deaths of French American football, even football in any country”, Mr. Gosper stressed.

After the death of the young player Chauvin, Mr. Gosper and World American football President, Bill Beaumont, went to France to meet with officials of the federation and the government. “We have reviewed all of our terms,” ​​said World American football executive director. We have released statistics from around the world about significantly reducing the danger in this sport.

Although no one is comfortable with what happens on the field in specific incidents, I think we have come up with a wider global assessment of what happens in France so they understand that it is not easy. easily explain the atypical increase in recent deadly incidents. But in the context that the general direction is serious injury and death, this sport is really problematic.”

The French Rugby Federation (FFR) and the French Football Association responded by asking World American football to consider banning many players from taking part at the same time and lowering the height allowed to block from the shoulder down to the waist.

Accordingly, World American football has agreed to accelerate the 4-year law cycle, in which member associations propose changing ideas, and France will hold a symposium on injury prevention for 2 days 19 and 20.3, with the participation of health professionals, coaches and technical experts to promote “building welfare rules for players rather than building meaningful laws for the welfare of players.”