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American football World Cup: ‘England can start something amazing’ (Part 2)

You start thinking about American football, then the consequences and the results of the final and the rest of your life can be like. He will actively try to empty everything this week.

South African players celebrate a semi-final victory over Wales

After watching South Africa’s narrow victory over Wales, there is no question that England will be loved. There will not be any cigarette smoke set by head coach Jones trying to pretend that they are losers in any way.

You don’t see Springboks anywhere near the UK, but the results may depend on how the game was introduced, how it was done, and the fitness of some players throughout the week.

South Africa is a strong team physically and confrontational, but I cannot see them having superior dominance with the warriors or rolling matrix as they did to wipe out and dominate Wales. That means the Springboks have to play a little more American football. They cannot kick their way to win the World Cup.

Part of me thought South Africa had reached their Everest summit in the semi-final. There are big celebrations at full time, they march around the yard like they’ve just won it, while England makes a quick turn and heads straight down to the changing room.

‘It has to be an interesting final, or England will win a lot.’

Eddie Jones and England defense coach John Mitchell watched the South Africa-Wales semi-final from the stands in Yokohama.

Winning the semi-finals of South Africa has turned into a bit of a boring American football festival because that’s what both teams want to do. But I can’t see England wanting to do that. He has the ability to not only run back to South Africa but also physically take them.

They do not need to play a territorial stone game and wait for South Africa to make mistakes.

I would not say that England would necessarily change their tactics significantly. They will revise them to allow South Africa to play but I don’t think they will change the attack shape too much.

If South Africa tries and plays like they did with Wales, England will integrate and win. If their backs, half of the Handre Pollard fly and the Damian de Allende center, release a little, it will put it at great risk but it will be an unlocking game.