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American football World Cup: ‘England can start something amazing’ (Part 1)

Not only does it give me hope for Saturday’s final against South Africa, but if this is how England will play from now on, we will have some glorious days. This is not just about this week and England can win a World Cup, this could be the beginning of a legacy.

They have reached the semi-finals of a World Cup against a team that has won the last two tournaments. He was underestimated. But there were times in that game, when Eddie Jones was so dominant that New Zealand had nowhere to go, and they knew it.

All Blacks were running around the backyard as if they were playing seventy. As if England were playing against Uruguay.

New Zealand was smashed and made bad decisions, polished and beaten in settlement. It was the wave after the relentless wave of British pressure in defense, as well as very good attacking play.

After that quality performance, people will look at England’s semi-final performance and think that’s how they will play each week. It is difficult to put yourself in that mental state for the game to return but that is what they will look forward to.

He had a lesser match in the tournament after their billiard game with France was canceled due to the storm. They had another day of rest this week. There should be no reason.

The more I talked about it, the more I felt uncomfortable and worried about whether England would win or not. It will be a matter of how many – but it’s the World Cup final and you don’t win much of that at a canter.

Will the pressure come to Owen Farrell and his players?

Before a big match like a World Cup final, you’re trying to capture as much downtime as possible with anything that will distract you.

It’s hard. You turn on the television and everywhere you see there’s American football. You put on BBC World News and there are pictures of London bars becoming wild. It can become quite stuffy. I remember the week before the World Cup final against Australia in Sydney in 2003, I had breakfast with my friends at a small beach club on the street. There is no one there.

It is just to have a morning and relax. You cannot think of American football all day, all week. The England players will contact with friends and family, can try to sneak out and go somewhere without many fans around.