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American football with COVID-19 – Small losses are also a kind of victory

Sports leagues in the United States also suffered losses due to COVID-19, but they had a different way of thinking and thinking than Europe. There are hundreds, even billions of dollars going bankrupt in the world of American football after the COVID-19 epidemic.

Football leagues in the US, especially MLS, have shown signs of development in recent years. A pink script of contention with South American tournaments began to be drawn. But then within a few months living with the epidemic, it was all broken.

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As with Europe, questions of “when” and “how” will always be in the minds of football organizers in the United States. Therefore, these questions are harder to find answers.

If the Premier League is canceled, the 1/3 century’s dream of “Red Brigade” fans continues to fail. And there are so many implications. Due to Liverpool’s popularity over the Premier League, the Premier League progresses in 2019/20 before stopping. Because the COVID-19 epidemic is proof.

When the big teams in Europe have to rely on their own resources to overcome this pandemic. The MLS teams are luckier than that.

American career championship has a special structure because there are no promotions. According to the ranking of Soccerex magazine. Out of the 100 most powerful financial clubs in the world, the US contributes 17 representatives.

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However, among these 17 teams, most have no cash reserves. A famous team like LA Galaxy has a floor and a cash ceiling, which cannot guarantee a balance. American football also has to reduce player salaries in the COVID-19 epidemic.

Another difficult thing, if in Europe can focus stones, in the US hard to do. Because the US area in the stretch from the West to the East is nearly equal to Europe. Despite many unprecedented difficulties in history, the majority of MLS teams do not fall into bankruptcy.