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American football star acquitted after 9 years of sentence execution

A Nevada parole board decided to release O.J.Simpson, the former American rugby star, after he apologized for the 2007 robbery, insisted he was an exemplary prisoner and promised not to relapse.

Movie and American football star O.J. Simpson was sentenced to 33 years in prison for armed robbery and kidnapping in 2007.

But at that time, Simpson declared that he only intended to reclaim his sports memorabilia from two collectors in a hotel room in Las Vegas. The memorabilia that Simpson wants to get back are the photos, the competition and the clothes.

Four amnesty council members voted unanimously to release Simpson prisoner for good rehabilitation. Member Ton Corda said the prisoner was rated “low risk of recidivism”.

After hearing the decision to forgive, Simpson smiled and said, “Thank you,” then lowered his head to silence for a moment.

Simpson’s lawyer told reporters that his client was “very happy and very touched” when he was pardoned and called the past process “a difficult game”.

His daughter, Arnelle Simpson, told the court: ‘We know my father is not the perfect man, but … he is a perfect prisoner, obeys the prison rules and makes the situation come back. so the best he could … He regretted it. We just want him back so we can continue to live quietly ‘, according to VOA.

Simpson will start being released in early October and he says he will move to Florida to live with his family.

The famous case

Orenthal James Simpson is famous for the nickname O. J. Simpson. Simpson was one of the most famous rugby stars in the United States with a series of illustrious achievements in professional tournaments.

In 2007, the court concluded that Simpson and five accomplices used guns to rob the century from the two merchants Bruce Fromong and Alfred Beardsley. The defense lawyer said their client came to the hotel to retrieve the stolen belongings and not carry a gun.

The famous athlete was acquitted in the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and his wife Ronald Goldman in 1995. The Criminal Court trial of OJSimpson opened on January 24, 1995 as a trial. holds the world record for the largest number of viewers in American history.