Facts about American Football

American Football Facts (Part 4)

14. Jerry Rice Manages to Lead League in Touchdowns as Well as Records

He holds the record for the NFL’s most touchdowns. This wide receiver worked to amass over 200 touchdowns to 2004 from 1985. He is regarded as one of the most outstanding players of the NFL. Also, he holds records regarding the most receiving yards (over 22,000) as well as most receptions (over 1,500), among others. He holds more than 100 records of the NFL.

15. Coach Don Shula Works to Hold the Record for Many Wins

He coached the Baltimore Colts as well as the Miami Dolphins to over 320 regular-season wins – it is one excellent record for head coaches. He was the Miami Dolphins’ coach during their perfect season as well as leading the team to the two wins of Super Bowl. He holds the record for up to six Super Bowls as one Head Coach as well.

16. Football Cheerleaders Are Poorly Paid

Football players often have the multi-million dollar contract, but the cheerleaders who perform on the sidelines get paid little as opposed to the players. Cheerleaders earn about 125 USD on average each game. People do not pay them for charity events or rehearsals. Plus, they must launder their uniforms. It has resulted in a couple of lawsuits.

17. Wilson Has Made NFL Footballs for More Than 70 Years

They are one sports equipment company. They have an exclusive contract for providing the footballs for the games of the NFL. This company has offered the sports league many footballs since 1941. They currently make a whopping 4,000 footballs daily.

18. Miami Dolphins Are Famous As the Only Team with One Complete Perfect Season

Don Shula, in 1972, lead it to the only complete perfect season of the league. They tried and won perfectly!