Facts about American Football

American Football Facts (Part 1)

Let’s dive into some interesting facts:

1. Soccer and Rugby Are What American Football Evolved from 

American Football’s original game looked like soccer mixed with rugby. It involves the oval-shaped ball that is called a football. This game’s objective is to make the ball into the zone’s end for a touchdown. It is usually accomplished when you have the quarterback throw this ball to another player. This person then runs it to the end zone. Or else, he passes it to another player. Also, the opposing team tries and stops play by dealing with players or intercepting this ball. Each touchdown is equal to six points.

2. In 1869, The First Football Game Occured Between Rutgers and Princeton

The first game was played in 1869. It was between Princeton and Rutgers in New Jersey. Here, the rules were not like the modern game you are used to seeing. In 1880 – eleven years later, Walter Camp managed to codify the game using a series of rules, inclusive of the system of downs and team size. He is widely regarded as the father of football.

3. Football Is Considered the Most Popular Game in America

Football may have a short season of only 17 weeks. Still, it does not stop people from seeing it in droves, tailgating at arenas as well as cheering for their favorite teams. Reportedly, this sport is tremendously popular in America. And the Super Bowl – its championship, is the most-watched TV event of the year.

4. The NFL Works to Govern American Professional Play 

NFL (The National Football League) began in 1920. That time, people called it the American Professional Football Association. You know, the commissioner is the NFL’s head. The NFL needs to ensure the game’s rules are being followed. They organize the Super Bowl as well.