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7 great business lessons from the Super Bowl (Part 2)

4. Put your stars on the stage

Fans love to hear from people who have a lot in common with them. It is much more interesting than listening to the words of the boss of a luxury brand that they have not dreamed of their whole lives. Find out among your employees who are talented and able to speak fluently, and let them become the center of community events. Get your most motivated salespeople on the podium to speak at a business meeting. This will contribute to build loyalty in the staff and show the community your company culture.

5. Timing is everything

In less than 60 seconds, you will see the winning midfielder wearing the Super Bowl champion hat printed on his team logo. And this will only work if someone has planned it in advance.

In business too, you must be prepared to pursue marketing opportunities when they are ripe. Preparing in advance helps you act quickly and earn money. You must be ready. You need to be resolute. You have to align the time really well. Nobody goes shopping for Christmas decorations on Easter. Plan your attacks and build flexibility to respond promptly when opportunities arise.

6. Exploit testimonials

Fans always want to support brands that collaborate with their idols. The same principle holds true for other areas, not just sports. The fact that a famous blogger promotes your business on their blog is a great form of testimonials and makes a good impression in the eyes of potential customers. Find creative ways to make money based on the success of others.

7. Don’t forget the add-on

Accompanied goods – whether it’s a program to help the audience watch an online tournament, a souvenir trophy or a doll model featuring players with swaying heads for money. Your customer base is a goldmine. Never miss the opportunity to sell products that accompany key products and services, and don’t miss the opportunity to bring your customers to sponsors. Your access to your customers is a valuable commodity through which you can earn large sums of money.

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