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7 great business lessons from the Super Bowl (Part 1)

The Super Bowl is really the biggest and most spectacular event of the year when it comes to marketing, advertising and creativity. And whether you know the rules of football or not, you can still learn many useful business lessons from this event.

1. All rewards belong to the winner

The losing team will leave quietly, while the winners will receive applause, welcome fireworks and champagne glasses to celebrate in the dressing room. Super Bowl is a game “winner gets all, lose gets nothing”, and so does the business world. The leading suppliers have a good reputation and hold a majority share of the company, while the rest have to compete for the remaining. If you get the number one position, you will have the right to choose customers. The number one position is worth your fight to get it because what you get is great.

2. Create a festival

The Super Bowl is more than just a football competition taking place within a few hours. It is a festival that the United States celebrates with sports, food, drinks, music … And you, too, can create an annual event to show the spirit of the company or the community. One of my favorite examples is Small Business Saturday – in the frenetic atmosphere of the holiday shopping season, this event is a strong reminder of small businesses locally. You also have the same opportunities if you search for them. For example, if you own a sporting store, sponsor events organized for families who attend a small local tournament. Create festival or event where people can collaborate with your business.

3. Attract all audiences

Football itself is only part of the appeal of the Super Bowl. Everyone waited for the show to show during the break and even to watch the commercials. The lesson here is to focus on the core market and expand offers to attract new customers. Sports fans will be watching the show, music fans will be watching the mid-hour show, and everyone can watch millions of dollars worth of commercials.