Facts about American Football

5 reasons why Americans don’t bother watching the World Cup

While the whole world is crazy about the World Cup, only Americans remain calm, seemingly very little interested in the World Cup.

On cbslocal.com, a thorough article outlined 5 reasons why Americans are so indifferent to this tournament.

1. Americans have their own “Football”

In fact, the sport called “Football” in the US does not play on foot and there is no ball at all, this is the English-American name for rugby.

Americans are known to be crazy about football and basketball and many other sports, but they are very indifferent to football. Rugby is really the most popular and favorite sport in the US while football is often estranged.

2. “My friends don’t care about football.”

Playing sports requires a team, and watching the competition must have a guild together to be excited and fun. Meanwhile, the words of many Americans when asked why they do not see the World Cup is: “My friends no one cares about football at all.”

3. America has no football stars to watch

The United States has had a few top football stars in the world such as Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley, Tim Howard and a few others. However, no American player has enough influence as big as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or even LeBron James or Peyton Manning.

4. America is not a strong team

The US team, to be honest, is not an outstanding team. Take a look at American teams, like the Dallas Cowboys, which earned a bit of a reputation in the 1970s, until the 1990s, they got a little more transformed, but from there Until now, more than 20 years, almost no other changes.

The US national team is almost the same, albeit a little better. They have never exceeded number eight throughout the 1990 World Cup. This makes American fans increasingly indifferent to the World Cup.

5. Americans are not the authors of football

Americans like to invent everything, from electricity, phones, the internet… and then they feel proud because everyone knows that America has found those things.

But Americans did not invent football, it was a European sport. Perhaps that’s part of the reason Americans don’t care about football and the World Cup.